Central Heating-- On or Off !!

  spuds 19:55 21 Jan 2010

Taking into consideration the recent change of weather, most people are likely to think about having on, turning up/down their house or business heating, and possibly the cost of whichever is the most suitable way of keeping warm in the most sensible way.

Some experts and people would seem to suggest that it is 'wiser' to leave heating on over the bad periods, while other experts and people seem to suggest that it is wastefull, and not necessary to leave heating on.

Whats your views or ideal solution?.

  Forum Editor 20:06 21 Jan 2010

in very cold weather conditions is to set your required day and night temperatures, and let the room thermostat maintain them - leave the boiler control set to 'constant'.

That way the boiler will cycle on and off as the room-stat calls for heat. The temeprature will be maintained,and your house will be warm.

If you switch the boiler off at night the house will cool down, and in the morning the boiler will have to run full tilt to get the ambient temperature back up again. Likewise, if you switch the boiler off during the day when you're at work, it will have to do the job all over again late in the afternoon to have the house warm for your return. You're heating the house up, allowing it to cool, and heating up again - it's an inefficient way of doing the job.

This needn't apply when the weather is milder - I'm talking about cold snaps.

During the recent very cold weather my boiler was switched to constant, and at night the room stat was turned down to below 15 degrees. The boiler cycled gently on and off during the night, and didn't have to work so hard in the morning.

  jack 20:12 21 Jan 2010

I actually do not have central heating[ my choice when the house was built 53 years ago]
Gas instant hot water for bathing/washing- gas heater in living area and hallway.
I was brought up as with most folk of my generation without overall heating - and what I have never had I do not miss.
I now live alone since the old dutch passed on, and I am not still for long in any one place in the house as I dodge about doing the house work , DIY, Comnputering, so all the heaters are off, I wear thicker clothing - sweat pants/top and a woolly hat and porridge for brekka- when I do settle down for the evening as I shall in an hour or so- an electric convector will be switched on by my recliner.
So last gas bill -£16
last Electricity[last week] £188.

  morddwyd 20:14 21 Jan 2010

That's what a thermostat is for!

When it's cold it turns the heating on. If it stays cold it leaves it on.

If it gets warm it turns it off.

Or have I missed something?

  octal 20:38 21 Jan 2010

We live in a terraced house and generally it keeps warm for long periods even with the boiler off, I don't think I've ever seen it below 15°C, so it doesn't take much to get it to a respectable temperature.

  OTT_B 21:05 21 Jan 2010

If only this house stayed warm for longer and heated up quickly (shiverrrrrs).

We have to keep the heating on pretty well all day to keep the house at 18°C. I've not looked at our gas consumption for the last month, and I am dreading doing so.
If it's turned on a cold day, the house temperature quickly falls to below 15°C in the kids' bedrooms and cooler than that in the sitting room. The only room that stays warm is the study, and that's only because my PC does quite a good job at heating the room up - at the cost of the electricity bill!

  namtas 21:05 21 Jan 2010

My Insulation must be excellent - I have my thermostat set at 15 deg overnight, the boiler has never switched on even when we had overnight outside temperatures of -8 deg

  Woolwell 22:00 21 Jan 2010

My first cottage didn't have central heating but it did have 2ft thick solid walls, fairly small windows (not double glazed) and a fire in the centre of the house which heated the whole place. The temperature rarely, if ever, dropped below 15 in winter and it remained cool in the summer.

But back to topic - we keep the boiler on and have a night setting of 15 but that hasn't been used in anger yet.

  spuds 23:42 21 Jan 2010

Some very interesting points raised. Our local newspaper as just published an article of a survey that they had conducted on whether to leave on or turn off.

Of three heating and plumbing companies, two suggested leaving the heating on, with the controls suitably set, and one company suggested that leaving heating on all day long, would be wastefull and expensive on parts, especially with older systems. One energy advisor made the example that "leaving your vehicle engine running all day, so as to heat the vehicle, would be just plain stupid and very expensive. And thats what you would be doing if you left your home heating on".

The local university came into the discussion with the physics of each suggestion. A vehicle heats up very rapidly, but can also cool down fairly quickly, due to construction. In the case of an house, depending on age, would and could make a substantial difference. Cold or damp walls would take a large amount of heat, as would poor or no insulation, but once warmed-up, it would be cheaper and more sensible to leave heating on all the time. New builds are perhaps more better in retaining heat, so less or reduced heating might benefit that property.Eco houses included.

I know my property can lose about 10F degrees overnight, with the heating switched off. But that is due to perhaps leaving doors open, so heat during the day circulates throughout the property. No rads on in bedrooms at all.

One bit of advice that did come out of the survey, was about major problems of freezing with condenser type boilers. Should your condenser boiler freeze, then use boiling water to un-freeze the unit. If that works, then you have saved yourself time and an expensive call-out fee.

  Graham. 00:19 22 Jan 2010

I have a medical condition called 'Nesh', the heating is on for 24 hours, the thermostat is set for 28.5C. They can't touch you for it.

  wee eddie 03:38 22 Jan 2010

the possibility that if you leave your heating off, for too long during a cold snap, your pipes might freeze.

Many of you youngsters may never have experienced the joy of being able to have a shower while lying in your bed.

Although your Insurance will/should deal with the clear-up, your Premium will rocket in the following years.

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