Central Heating and Hot Water

  lotvic 22:00 27 Dec 2011

Spent a couple of hours this afternoon with British Gas Engineer (have got Boiler Care Cover) I think this makes the 5th or 6th time I've had to have them out for various faults. Thank goodness I didn't cancel the Care Cover at beginning of month.

Boiler wouldn't turn off even though Timer switch for CH and HW were in Off position. Only noticed something was wrong when the control rad in hallway was redhot and nearly scalded myself from hot tap. Quick trip into loft to look at boiler and found green light was still on which indicates that boiler is fired up.

3 way port had seized up and switch, have got a tank full of boiling water.

It is only 24 months since new boiler install and new port and switch etc.

Is it me or has anyone else found that equipment these days is not lasting reliably. I did wonder if it could be down to 'cheap' components.

  lotvic 22:20 27 Dec 2011

Number of repair visits I've had to have I'm glad I did carry on the cover this time. I had it free previously - special deal with work I'd had done. I had been meaning to cancel it now that I've got to start paying but never got round to sorting it out.

All things considered I think I'll carry on with Cover over this winter ;)

  Forum Editor 23:05 27 Dec 2011

"3 way port had seized up and switch, have got a tank full of boiling water."

Regardless of what happened to the 3-port valve, the boiler's internal overheat thermostat should have turned it off if your room-stat didn't. Perhaps there's something I've misunderstood?

  lotvic 00:31 28 Dec 2011

Perhaps it's my use of 'boiling hot' that is at fault, I should have said 'scalding hot'. The water in cylinder must have heated to practically same temp as the boiler circulating water. The hot water cylinder thermostat is set at 60 C (140 F) but water out the tap was far hotter than that. Because of the stuck position the cylinder thermostat had no effect. In any case the Timer switch for CH and HW were in Off position but the boiler didn't turn off.

"boiler's internal overheat thermostat". I'll have a study of the manual to check on that, thanks. I shall certainly be keeping a close eye on system tomorrow.

  lotvic 12:18 28 Dec 2011

Thanks for all the comments, they have been very helpful

"boiler's internal overheat thermostat" kicks in when 5 C over the boiler thermostat setting

"3 way port seized up" Engineer fitted new one, showed me the old one, he couldn't move it manually it was solidly stuck.

"the boiler thermostat may be set toward the high end of its range" Yes it is/was set at about 75 C (max setting is 82 C) any suggestions for the ideal setting for boiler circulating water/temperature of rads?

  lotvic 22:16 28 Dec 2011

All seems to be working okay now, so will green tick resolved.

  Forum Editor 22:44 28 Dec 2011

"any suggestions for the ideal setting for boiler circulating water/temperature of rads?"

Set the boiler stat towards the top end of its range. Resist the feeling that this is in some way harmful - it isn't. The boiler's overheat stat will operate in the unlikely event of anything going wrong. Use your room-stat and thermostatic radiator valves to control the temperature in the rooms - that's what they're for.

The only reason you may want to reduce the boiler stat setting is if radiators become too hot to touch. In an ideal world you want them hot, so that they lose their heat into the room as rapidly as possible. Once the rooms are up to temperature the thermostatic radiator valves will operate to reduce flow through the rads.

  lotvic 23:24 28 Dec 2011

That makes sense I'll leave it set as it is, near the top of range (max is 82C). Thanks.

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