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  Demora 10:25 02 May 2010


Is there a FREE advice site out there that I can access to find out whats gone wrong with our heating.

I think its the room thermostat. BUT it could be a pump/valve problem as its a gravity feed system..

I only get heat in the radiators if the water is heating. Room thermostst makes no difference.



  lotvic 10:58 02 May 2010

Sounds like your '3 way valve' is stuck click here
google for
central heating 3 way valve stuck

you can manually move the switch on it for a temporary solution, but first you will have to do your homework and identify the type that you have.

  dagbladet 10:59 02 May 2010

I'm not absolutely sure what your issue is. However, you appear to be querying the fact that you only get central heating if the boiler is also selected to heat your water? If that's the case then that is normal. You can have hot water with no heating, but you cant have heating with no hot wter.

  lotvic 11:24 02 May 2010

I can on mine, I have a 3 way valve.

  Demora 11:28 02 May 2010

Ok. I've done the valve check as to the instruction manual. Turn water tank stat to min. Turn room stat to max. Nothing.

But If I run some hot water out of the tank the whole lot comes on.

Can't get an engineer out atm.


  Demora 11:29 02 May 2010

Yes Ours is a three way valve. I'm wondering if its just the room stat thats gone.


  canarieslover 13:30 02 May 2010

It is not too difficult to replace motors in the valve. You don't have to drain the system.
Motorised valve. click here

How to replace motor click here

I'm just a normal non-plumber who needs to save money when I can and this is a job that I have managed quite easily myself.

  canarieslover 13:34 02 May 2010

Honeywell replacement motor click here

  al's left peg 15:36 02 May 2010

Word of caution! don't touch it if it's still under G/tee.

It sounds like canarieslover is on the ball here, along with lotvic. It's a solenoid type valve I believe which will be controlled by the print board in your boiler. The chances are a foreign body can get stuck within the valve causing it to stick in a certain position. This stops the water flowing to where it's needed.

  ronalddonald 16:04 02 May 2010

once you go it fixed get yourself a scale wizard

click here

and google it to see how it can help you with scale build up in hardwater areas

  spuds 16:23 02 May 2010

You could try Screwfix for some information about central heating, who have a tradesman input forum on their website.

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