Cello Lessons

  Snec 20:46 26 May 2010

Does anyone have any idea why the price of cello lessons are increasing at twice the rate of inflation?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:01 26 May 2010

This has my vote as 'Most Bizarre Question Ever Asked'.


  Al94 21:20 26 May 2010

You might have better luck on one of these forums click here

  Quickbeam 22:33 26 May 2010

How much have they increased? I pay £22 per hour for bass lessons, up £2 last month

  spuds 23:38 26 May 2010

The possible problem is perhaps mainly due to the 'teachers' having to find new clients, and other rising costs which are effecting everyone.

In similar vain. A friends daughter runs a fairly successful dance school for 5 year old upwards, but after 12 years in business she considering closing down altogether, or just running reduced classes from much smaller premises.

Even the local amateur boxing club, which as been running for twenty plus years from original start-up premises, have had to find new premises twice in the last 12 months. In this case its not the loss of membership, because the membership as increased and there is a waiting list now. Its just that the bills are becoming more difficult to pay, and landlords/ publicans have other ideas.

  Pineman100 17:53 27 May 2010

Maybe because the cello teacher is fully booked and turning customers away.

It's a fundamental principle of the free market - if you have a product that's in high demand and you can't supply enough of it, increase the price until you achieve a balance between demand and supply.

  Legolas 18:40 27 May 2010

And I vote that as one of the funniest replies ever lol.

I tried learning the cello, but I just couldnt get it under my chin ;)))

  MAT ALAN 19:24 27 May 2010

WELL.. if ya think cello lessons have gone up, DON'T go to the woolpack, my wife has JUST watched the barmaid charge £14.80 for TWO bottles of lager...

  Pineman100 17:32 28 May 2010

Top marks to the barmaid for spotting two idiots who are prepared to pay that much for their lager!

  Marko797 13:39 29 May 2010

"And I vote that as one of the funniest replies ever lol". Mega lol, very funny indeed...good one GANDALF <|:-)>

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