Celebrity game shows and you opinions.

  bumpkin 20:15 29 Dec 2015

The time of year for celebrity game shows. Some of which may have been of interest with everyday contestants to whom winning some money was meaningful to them.

Now we get celebrities many of which I have never heard of raising money for charity appaently. They get paid large sums anyway just for appearing.

OK, they do raise money for charity but do they have the same incentive, no which is why I find them so boring.

  wee eddie 20:20 29 Dec 2015

One of the reasons, I no longer have a TV.

  bumpkin 21:14 29 Dec 2015

wee eddiestrong textOne of the reasons, I no longer have a TV.

You will miss Eastenders then:-)

  RV510 21:32 29 Dec 2015

Celebrities raising money for charity and doing so publicly is in many ways making the general public aware of the charitable organisations that are out there regardless of what amount is raised by them, it's a big advert for the charities bringing them into media attention without having to pay for it. I'm pretty sure that some charities benefit quite a lot through celebrity benefits, some will be cynical in saying that it's good public relations for the celebs and raises their profile, what I can't really stand are all the TV ads using celebs that always seem to flood onto our screens at Christmas and new year begging for money, probably trying to make us feel guilty for spending too much on ourselves and family members for all the (mostly wasted) food and presents.

  wee eddie 22:39 29 Dec 2015

I think that, that is one of the ones I have to sit through when I go to see my mother. Luckily she likes Crime Fiction so I can sit through Poirot and the likes after the soaps

  bumpkin 22:52 29 Dec 2015

* Christmas and new year begging for money, probably trying to make us feel guilty for spending too much*

Yes I agree but they have shot themselves in the foot by passing (or selling)information to to other charities that will hound you as do nuisance callers.

  RV510 23:10 29 Dec 2015

The only time that your details will be passed on to other 'charitable' organisations is if you fill in the begging forms that they send to you in the post and send them back with a 'donation', it's what's called a 'sucker' list, there is a way to stop these charities sending you these begging forms, just put everything that is in the envelope back in the pre-paid envelope and send it back blank, the charity then has to pay the postage, that's how pre-paid envelopes work, postage is paid on return. As for the topic subject, I wonder exactly how much of the 'entertainment' is actually genuine and not 'fixed', personally I don't care one way or the other, as long as the amounts are actually going to the causes and not on appearance fees and 'administration' then all to the good, but that could lead to another debate.

  Forum Editor 09:36 30 Dec 2015

"....which is why I find them so boring."

So don't watch them.

  morddwyd 10:07 30 Dec 2015

Anything prefixed by "celebrity" is an automatic "avoid".

The one exception is the seasonal University Challenge series where alumni, who may or may not be well known, compete for nothing more than the fun of it.

  Pine Man 12:47 30 Dec 2015

wee eddie

'One of the reasons, I no longer have a TV'

....and presumably the other reason you no longer have a TV is that you are too busy writing the dates on everything you buy to watch one;-)

  caccy 14:19 30 Dec 2015


Agree with you 100%.

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