Celebrates supporting political parties?

  Cymro. 14:27 20 Apr 2010

click here

This is a link to a BBC story about celebrates supporting political parties at the time of a general election. Now obviously no one on this forum would admit to being influenced to vote for one party or another by any celebrity that was supporting that party. So perhaps we should ask what celebrity would make sure you never voted for any party that he/she supported?

  Quickbeam 14:35 20 Apr 2010

Adrian Chiles...

  peter99co 14:41 20 Apr 2010

Do people really vote for a party because the celebrity back it? That is really sad.

  Cymro. 14:44 20 Apr 2010

These are a few from the BBC link that I would never accept any advise they gave me about what political party to support. Although I admit I may well be doing some of them an injustice.
Robert Kilroy-Silk
Eddie Izzard
Kenny Everett
Cheryl Cole
Joanna Lumley
Ian Botham
Michael Winner

  Cymro. 14:47 20 Apr 2010

the celebrity back it?"

Well yes I suppose these must be such people. The politicians are quick enough to accept the support of such people although in the case of some they choose I suspect it may well loose them more votes than they gain.

  jakimo 15:31 20 Apr 2010

"Kenny Everett" now theres a man that spoke words of wisdom!!

  Cymro. 15:34 20 Apr 2010

spoke words of wisdom"

Yes and all of it "in the best of possible taste" as I remember.

  sunnystaines 15:40 20 Apr 2010

its to influence the divvy people who dont understand politics and the only news they read is celeb news.

most of these will be low IQ, never worked, on benefits, never out of bed before noon,type of people who in my opinion should not be allowed to vote anyway as they have never given anything to the community other than the vat on their fags and booze.

  Cymro. 15:47 20 Apr 2010

I am in a particularly good mood this afternoon sunnystaines so please don`t take things in that direction.

Was it not you who had a problem with your hand the other day? Hope all is now well with you and that you are back to typing with both hands.

  rdave13 16:11 20 Apr 2010

If Sandra Bullock says vote for WTM, then WTM be it.

  Cymro. 16:17 20 Apr 2010

click here=

I hope such a long link will work as she is worth looking at even if the party she supports is not worth voting for.

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