CD's hanging on driving mirrors

  Valvegrid 19:54 10 Sep 2004

I live in east London and notice a lot of cars have a CD disk hanging from the driving mirror. Apart from being a driving hazard, what is the point of this practice?

  stalion 20:02 10 Sep 2004

probably just to say "iv'e got a cd player" who knows

  JayDay 20:14 10 Sep 2004

I think people wrongly believe they interfere with speed detection devices. In fact it is the opposite the new laser speed guns need a nice shiny surface to reflect the beam. CD's in the windscreen are ideal!!

  Dorsai 20:17 10 Sep 2004

Fluffy dice.

Bling Bling.

A statement of 'i have bad taste'.


  Valvegrid 21:29 10 Sep 2004

I have heard that's what they are for, surely people aren't that naive, but on the other hand......

I was wondering if it was a fashion statement, or maybe to ward off evil spirits.

  Jackcoms 21:31 10 Sep 2004

East London?

Common sense?

The twain have never met!

  Chris the Ancient 21:34 10 Sep 2004

JayDay is spot on.

Apparently, if you're daft enough, you think that the disk sort of spinning in the windscreen will create a doppler shift that will confuse he laser gun.

Just as believable, is that there was this young lady that had very long hair and so that a knight could rescue her, she hung her hair out of a turret window for him to climb up to her.

I think I believe the second story more than the first!


  Chris the Ancient 21:35 10 Sep 2004

THE (no he) laser gun.

iespell spots spelling mistakes - but not stupid mistakes!

  Valvegrid 22:05 10 Sep 2004

I'll tick the thread because I think its confirmed my suspicions.

Just as an aside, I used to sell radar and microwave equipment many yaers ago. Anyway, one of our customers were BAE (British Aerospace), so I had to visit one of their plants to inspect the installation of a waveguide joint. Afterwards over a cup of tea, the engineer asked if I had any information on RAM material, this is a material which is used to coat such things as water tanks to make them invisible to radar, so they wouldn't show up on the screen. Thinking I was going to make a sale he replied "Oh no, I only wanted to know the properties of the material my colleague has put around the front of his BMW to make it invisible to the police radar" it transpires he was always being stopped for speeding, needless to say this is illegal now.

I would loved to have seen the cops face as he zoomed passed at 90mph with nothing showing on their radar gun :-)

  Chris the Ancient 00:08 11 Sep 2004

About 70% of the way down this l-o-o-o-o-n-g page is a device that uses radar absorbent material (RAM) called the 'stealth bra'

Read it and weep!

click here

  Mister Splendid©®™! 09:26 11 Sep 2004

Very simple really. Go and live abroad. Get local citizenship. Get job as diplomat stationed in this country. Voila!.... diplomatic immunity and still living in Blighty.

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