CD's & DVD's, Will they last ???

  T I M B O 21:17 07 Jun 2010

We all have pc's that are reading this blog. So what of the backup of ur operating system, will it stand the test of time ??

Look here>> click here

Interesting eh ??

  morddwyd 08:53 08 Jun 2010

"We all have pc's that are reading this blog."

Don't think I've ever read a blog in my life, unless it's been a link on this forum which I've clicked on.

  bri-an 08:59 08 Jun 2010

Where would we be without blogs and apps (when I find out what this means!!), my life feels so incomplete and empty.

  Big L 266 09:15 08 Jun 2010


T I M B O....I did read the BBC blog you posted and all I can say is I've never read so much rubbish in my life.

The first CD I bought back in 1986 was The Best Of David Whitfield on the Decca Eclipse label.I always handled and cared for the cd and insert like I did my old viny albums and singles. When I sold it online a few years ago, it was still in the same jewel case with the same insert and untouched and unmarked cd which played as good in 2008 as it did in 1986 nearly 22 years on.If I had the cd now,it would still be in mint condition.

If some cd and dvd users looked after their discs as I do mine, then they'd last longer. I sadly had to sell all 1700 cds off either through online auction websites or auction warehouses.I copied the lot to computer and backed them all up on three hard-drives so I could still play them.

So yes,despite the rubbish in the item,my cds (had I kept them) would've lasted way beyond me.

Big L 266

P.S.I actually spent time reading a 'blog'! Nurse? NURSE? The screens!

  wiz-king 09:38 08 Jun 2010

The problem is more noticeable with home burnt Cd's. Manufactured ones seem fairly stable.
PS Blame it on 'eath 'n' safety, must not let the PC owner have a more powerful laser.

  T I M B O 10:18 08 Jun 2010

Well it was the home burnt cd's they were talking about, so i see no reason to disbelieve what was said on the BBC

  Bingalau 10:23 08 Jun 2010

What's Ted Heath got to do with the problem?

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