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CD missing? (Call.........) I wish it was. Do you?

  Kase 15:45 05 Oct 2004

I have a number of PC Advisor Mags with various page holes due to an over enthusiastic glue application. I have tried peeling slowly and fast as with a plaster but most times the result is a hole. I would be interested to know how other readers deal with this dilemma.

  recap 16:11 05 Oct 2004

This has been aired previously:

click here

  Kase 16:40 05 Oct 2004

Hi recap

Just goes to show some things change but not others. Followed your click here, 2 threads in 2002 and 3 in 2003 and still the same dilemma. I wonder if glue manufacturers read Computer Forums or just stick to the subject they know best? Lets hope things get better next year!

  Sapins 19:01 05 Oct 2004

Love the pun, intended or not :-)

"I wonder if glue manufacturers read Computer Forums or just stick to the subject they know best?"

  Kase 20:13 05 Oct 2004

Hi sapins
Pun, intended,I am pleased it raised a smile, I have given more thought to this delemma and come to the conclusion it is not the glue that is the problem but the applicator who ever it may be!!
May I suggest a teach in on tenacity.

" Peel it of very slowly" You have my attention


The key to marketing is being tenacious

  Kase 20:52 05 Oct 2004

I apologize for the wrong spelling I will be more
araldite next time

  Kase 21:13 05 Oct 2004

As a wordsmith would you on behalf of PCA like to make a cohesive connection to this thread?

  kev.Ifty 23:34 05 Oct 2004

If one wishes to CEMENT good relations, then one should STICK to the subject and not PASTE off topic GUNK.

I always ADHERE to the rules especially when trying to help FIX peoples STICKY problems when they are in a JAM.

I'm sure we can form a BOND and UNITE to CONSOLIDATE this forum as the best........

Sorry this is becoming a BIND now.....

Sorry again. I'm going to lay down now before someone mentions BONDAGE

:-0 Kev.

  Forum Editor 00:11 06 Oct 2004

No. I wouldn't want to make any connection - I'm about talked out on the subject of Tiscali CDs.

In fact I never want to hear about them again. Some hope........

  Kase 17:22 06 Oct 2004

I have been talking about glue/paper and CDs

BONDAGE! ouch not good on the ears

Just a bit of fun all work and no play etc etc....

Oh well this thread has come to a sticky end

  Kase 14:44 07 Oct 2004

Hi Dorsai.
The reason I made the comment: "The Key to marketing is being tenacious" is that it related to the thread in as much one of the definitions in a Dictionary of "Tenacious" is adhesive sticky.(I was also being a bit facetious)
The CDs are for the most at present attached to Mags with a light release adhesive.
You ask me "Why do companies spend so much effort trying to win new ones"(customers)No new customers = no Company, in time.
Keeping customers happy costs money.You can keep some of the customers happy some of the time but you cant keep all of the customers happy all the time to miss quote a saying or you can take the NTL approach. If instead of binning the CDs the recipient sent them back marked not requested not required that would be interesting. The marketing bods rely on the person taking the easy not much effort option, bin it. I think perhaps the arrival of thousands of slightly damaged in transit CDs would bring a change in marketing strategy. The adhesive people to name but one would not be happy. The ecology would I think be very happy. Can you imagine in a thousand years time an archaeologist discovering all those CDs.ISP's..! Why you may hear the cry did they not just download the information.

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