CCleaner and Vista

  Clapton is God 16:57 01 Sep 2008

I've used CCleaner with XP for many years without problems.

I'm particularly referring to the 'Registry' cleaner option.

In XP I've simply let CCleaner scan for errors and always deleted everything it finds without exception. This has never caused any problems.

In Vista, however, it's a completely different story. I'm finding that if I let CCleaner clean everything from the registry it then prevents MS updates from installing - particularly for Office 2003.

I found, however that having taken a backup BEFORE deleting whatever CCleaner found, it was possible to re-merge that backup into the registry and MS updates will then successfully install.

Is this just another of Vista's little foibles or has CCleaner suddenly become more 'aggressive'?

  anskyber 16:59 01 Sep 2008

Works for me OK.

  anskyber 17:01 01 Sep 2008

As a PS do you mean installing or do you mean downloading and installing?

  peter99co 17:04 01 Sep 2008

Use both and not encountered any problems.

  Clapton is God 17:16 01 Sep 2008

Updates download OK but occasionally some of them refuse to install.

See my other post click here about having spent most of today getting my laptop back up to working order after a restore to factory settings.

As part of that process I've been using CCleaner and finding that updates from MS would download but not always install.

By re-merging the CCleaner backup back into the registry, the updates would then install - but I've then got all the registry 'clutter' back which CCleaner wanted to tidy up!

Most odd.

  anskyber 17:29 01 Sep 2008

Have you got Vista SP1 which CCleaner has been altered to work with? Just a thought.

  Teaboy 17:30 01 Sep 2008

while running ME some years ago, I had a terrible problem with CCleaner and the registry. I had to completely re-install the op system. I still use CCleaner, but not the registry cleaning option.

  Clapton is God 19:23 01 Sep 2008

"Have you got Vista SP1 which CCleaner has been altered to work with?"

You may have just hit the nail on the head.

I was using CCleaner throughout the day to do little clean ups whilst working my way through dozens of MS updates for both Vista ad for Office 2003.

The very LAST update right at the end of the day was ....

SP1 for Vista.

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