ccleaner update warning, now with covert extras

  Belatucadrus 23:59 13 Dec 2017

Just installed the latest version of ccleaner a maintenance utility that's been popular with users here for many years. Now you may or may not be aware that Piriform the writers were purchased earlier this year by avast! the antivirus company. Which brings me to the problem, having installed the latest ccleaner I get popups telling me my security is disabled followed shortly by a note that avast! is now handling my security. This was a bit of a surprise as at no point in the download was avast! mentioned and at no time did I authorise its installation. I look on the website check the news sections and read the bit outlining the improvements to ccleaner. Nowhere is there the slightest reference to avast!

To my mind this is a sneaky underhand way of foisting your product on unsuspecting users and if this is the way they intend to operate please consider all my prior recommendations for both these programs:


  martd7 16:26 14 Dec 2017


Knew you would reply to that:O

  Belatucadrus 16:50 14 Dec 2017


at a guess even turned off I assume the system has Panda registered as being installed as security this being enough to disable the avast! install. I've checked with somebody else who had the same issue and he also was using Defender as AV.

Now I could install a new AV on the laptop and check things out again but to be honest I can't be bovered.

  VCR97 18:54 14 Dec 2017

I always download from Filehippo. I occasionally have pre-ticked boxes for Chrome but I've never seen any mention of Avast. I use Kaspersky.

  john bunyan 20:48 14 Dec 2017


Thanks for the steer. I unchecked the "install Avast" box, and it updated ok. In view of your warning I made a restore point first. (W 10 ,latest version)

  Gordon Freeman 11:39 15 Dec 2017

I didn't get the avast box, but did get option to install chrome. Bit sneaky but you do have to keep your eyes peeled when downloading updates etc. for these free programs.

I got rid of avast on all machines a while ago owing to its annoying pop-ups. If ccleaner goes the same way then I'll get rid of that too, which would be a pity as it's a good little program.

  martd7 13:10 15 Dec 2017

Gordon Freeman

I have "unchecky" installed just in case I forget to use the custom install

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:23 15 Dec 2017

Seems it was on the 5.37 update

  john bunyan 16:25 15 Dec 2017

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

That was in Nov. The latest one I installed on 14 Dec was 538 (On W 10 64 bit : v 5.38.6357)

I had no issues with either; I think I used Piriform for the last one and Filehippo for this latest one. Custom install, not in start menu and unchecked Avast box on latest offer

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