ccleaner update warning, now with covert extras

  Belatucadrus 23:59 13 Dec 2017

Just installed the latest version of ccleaner a maintenance utility that's been popular with users here for many years. Now you may or may not be aware that Piriform the writers were purchased earlier this year by avast! the antivirus company. Which brings me to the problem, having installed the latest ccleaner I get popups telling me my security is disabled followed shortly by a note that avast! is now handling my security. This was a bit of a surprise as at no point in the download was avast! mentioned and at no time did I authorise its installation. I look on the website check the news sections and read the bit outlining the improvements to ccleaner. Nowhere is there the slightest reference to avast!

To my mind this is a sneaky underhand way of foisting your product on unsuspecting users and if this is the way they intend to operate please consider all my prior recommendations for both these programs:


  martd7 00:41 14 Dec 2017

Where did you download it from? I installed it yesterday but there was no other software with it

  qwbos 01:16 14 Dec 2017

Have a look at this .I haven't read all six pages, but did you by any chance not do a Custom Install of CCleaner? Looks like Avast is a de-selectable option.

If you want to remove Avast, you'll need this

  Belatucadrus 01:19 14 Dec 2017

From the Piriform website. I'm not the only one, there's another forum I use where others have had the same issue, again it's not consistent some get it others don't. The logic escapes me, maybe they'll explain at some point.

What anti virus are you using ?

  Belatucadrus 01:20 14 Dec 2017

I did do a custom install, no mention of avast!

  Forum Editor 08:21 14 Dec 2017

I use CCleaner Professional, and haven't seen a hint of anything to do with Avast.

I believe that a CCleaner representative made a statement a couple of months ago, saying that there would be a clearly worded option to install an Avast trial - or not to install it. Any company that installs software by stealth in a download directly from its own servers is likely to pay a heavy price.

  Belatucadrus 09:13 14 Dec 2017

Avast! uninstalled without any problems and the laptop is now back as it was. I used to suggest avast! free whenever anybody asked for a recommendation, but in recent years had stopped because the popups generated to try and flog the pro version and other products were becoming irritatingly intrusive and the wording on some was bordering scareware. As to ccleaner, maybe I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as though I did do a custom install perhaps as it's something I've done dozens of times before I missed an extra tick box ( I don't believe I did ). However something as major as changing somebody's security should not be done on the quiet with only the option to deselect via a tiny tickbox. It has to be a conscious opt in by the user, not an opt out IF you happen to notice it.

I would like an explanation from avast!/Piriform, but whatever the excuse if it happens again they're both toast.

  alanrwood 09:40 14 Dec 2017

I downloaded Ccleaner from Piriform yesterday and installed it on 8 machines with no experience of anything to do with Avast so I am puzzled.

  qwbos 10:11 14 Dec 2017

I have Avast installed so I'd not expect to have seen any change - something that the fanboys on the Avast forum struggled a bit with. My son has Avira, so I'll be checking with him later to see if he's had any problems. That said, Avira's part of the Avast empire, so I suspect not.

  Belatucadrus 10:40 14 Dec 2017

I have to accept a degree of responsibility for my own stupidity, I just opened the installer again to double check things and the opening splash screen does ask if I want to install avast!, something that clearly didn't register with me yesterday. However the default position is Yes, you have to physically opt out if you don't want it and after that there's no further reference to it. I as is my usual habit had clicked on Customize and picked my usual options. There is no further mention of avast! in the install procedure nor is it shown on the options list.

So not as sneaky as it first appeared, but the installer is still set to overrule your security setup as a default setting something I have problems with as it seems designed to catch out saps like me who've updated so often we do it on autopilot.

So moral of the story, when installing software even stuff you've done dozens of times. PAUSE, READ, THINK. Software houses change hands and the new owners may not have the same business ethos. Currently avast! seem way too pushy for my liking.

  rickf 10:53 14 Dec 2017

As an addition, AVG was bought by Avast recently. Now you know if you didn't.

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