A cautionary tale

  johndrew 11:11 07 Jun 2012

In my web wanderings I came across this tale of woe on the subject of dust and hard drives. It may be more towards the Helproom if anyone has this type of problem - which I hope not - but certainly one for any who are considering home improvements.

  lotvic 12:12 07 Jun 2012

I will never understand people who place their pc tower on the floor, especially on a thick carpet, and not think about it sucking in dust and fibres..... made me chuckle (well duh) that he'd spent £'s on new components without even opening the case first to have a look.

  lotvic 14:19 07 Jun 2012

I've always thought that quite a few deserve to be renamed with the insertion of a hyphen 'man-agers'.

  daz60 16:48 07 Jun 2012

smokers PCs would be worst

my sister smokes quite heavily and she uses my old netbook to play solitaire on,she hates the W7 version,when i mention to her about the smoke damage she just shrugs and when i clean it the crud really does stick.

Hate to imagine what her innards are like never mind the PCs.

  Forum Editor 06:39 09 Jun 2012

Some of the keyboards I'm expected to use in the course of my work should come with a health warning - the amount if filth on them defies belief. I often wonder what the homes of the regular users are like. It takes five minutes to clean a keyboard once in a while, but these people can't be bothered - probably because it's not their property.

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