Caught drink diving? loser your car? Or not!!!

  Chronos the 2nd 10:10 05 Dec 2012

I have no doubt we have all seen this years anti drink driving message on the TV which has towards the end "you can lose your car", What the message does not say is that really depends on how much the car costs.

Surely a car is even more of a lethal weapon when being driven by a driver under the influence of alcohol, I fail to see that a car costing 25,000 grand is any less of a danger that say a £300 Nissan Micra.


Glad to see we are all treated equally under the law.

  nickf 10:33 05 Dec 2012

So what do they do if , as in my case I drive a company car ?

  Quickbeam 10:46 05 Dec 2012

It's time we had more frequent roadside sobriety checks. It's the perception that your much more likely to get away with than not that has what's perceived as sensible people taking the risk.

  Bing.alau 11:07 05 Dec 2012

The car should obviously have been taken from him. Given to some charity or a deserving individual (such as me maybe). Seriously I am thinking of the type of motoring school which teaches people how to handle powerful cars. Or where youngsters are taught to drive properly before venturing on to the roads.

The law should be changed to take in to account the value of such a car, maybe a maximum fine should be imposed instead.

Letting a drunk drive a car is akin to giving a matelot a gun. But if this man had killed somebody whilst he was drink driving, they probably would have taken his car. Judges are a fickle lot.

I must say I preferred QR's &AI's, where if you were found guilty of an offence you received the already laid down punishment. So the judge would just find him guilty and have no say in deciding the punishment.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:13 05 Dec 2012

So what do they do if , as in my case I drive a company car ?

Really do not understand the point of your question. It would not be your car as your company would own it , hence "company car".

  caccy 17:40 05 Dec 2012

Drink/drug driving, driving without a licence,tax,insurance, mot or using a mobile phone the owner and driver of the vehicle, unless it has been stolen,should be made to watch the vehicle being destroyed regardless of its value.

  wee eddie 20:41 05 Dec 2012

Relatively speaking: The loss of a Ferrari, to a millionaire, is probably a smaller fine than the loss of a Hot Hatch to a Boy Racer.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:33 06 Dec 2012

fourm member

There is a central principle of our justice system that says everyone is equal before the law.

What planet do you live on? The more money you have the better the law treats you for the simple fact that you can afford the best lawyers/barristers.

This central principle that you speak might well exist but equality in law has never existed.

  ened 08:00 07 Dec 2012

".... the driver has got away with no financial penalty."

Not strictly true.

There will be astronomical costs in the years to come: starting with medical tests demanded by DVLA followed by many years of inflated insurance premiums!

  Pine Man 08:24 07 Dec 2012

'The more money you have the better the law treats you'

Not true!

What fourm member said was correct. Laws are enacted by government and applied equally to everyone. The fact that someone has a lot of money and can afford representation to prove that their client didn't commit a crime has nothing to do with the actual law itself.

  Grey Goo 12:16 07 Dec 2012

Fear not,now there is a solution. You will have seen Guide dogs for the blind,Hearing dogs for the deaf,now for the Rat Arsed we have.......roll over here

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