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Catalonia troubles, are they happening?

  Dunk 12:54 15 Oct 2019

I have looked at the BBC website for reports of the escalating problems following the severe sentencing of Catalonian politicians, but it appears not to be newsworthy.

Spain is doing itself no favours in it's treatment of politicians - yet the EU appears to be complicit by not condemning it - 13 years?? Good grief, murderers get less. Personally I'll make my protest by boycotting all Spanish goods and holidays.

Horrendous that a so-called Western democracy can do this and we ( well the BBC anyway) look away!

  wee eddie 13:42 15 Oct 2019

One assumes that there is a Court of Appeal

  Dunk 14:45 15 Oct 2019

I think the European court of justice should be involved ( as should the BBC!). It's not as if some tin-pot dictatorship somewhere in the world is doing this - it's one of our European neighbours.

Maybe Boris is taking notes on how he could solve the Scots and Welsh claims for independence ( even I would draw a line at imprisonment however).

  Forum Editor 18:46 17 Oct 2019

"Spain is doing itself no favours in it's treatment of politicians - yet the EU appears to be complicit by not condemning it"

Spain is a sovereign State - it's not for the EU or a foreign power - to interfere in the way that Spain manages its internal political affairs. Catalonia is an autonomous region but it is part of Spain, it isn't an independent nation State.

In 2017, 43% of registered Catalonian voters turned out to vote in a referendum that was illegal. Of that 43%, 90% voted for independence.

The majority (57%) of registered voters obviously didn't think the issue important enough to warrant turning out, and 10% of those who did turn out voted 'No' which leads me to conclude that most Catalonians just want to get on with their lives as they are.

  Dunk 21:19 17 Oct 2019


The point I was trying to make was that the sentencing of politicians, just for organising a poll was ridiculous.

The Spanish police visibly seen to beat innocent voters, yet none of them were prosecuted, let alone jailed.

Which is worse, beating up unarmed civilians, or organising a vote. Surely 13 years detention is wrong - and I do believe the international community should say something, don't you?.

  Cymro. 14:06 18 Oct 2019

I think Dunk has a point it is not so much the result of any vote by the Catalonians that is of concern but the way all this has been largely ignored by the international media.

  Dunk 16:47 18 Oct 2019


Have a look at this (from yesterday, I believe), yet have there been reports on British TV? This is Spain!!

click here

  natdoor 09:42 21 Oct 2019


You should apply that analysis of the referendum to our EU one!

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