Cat truffles

  QinesiQ 20:34 24 Apr 2008

Calling all gardeners!

We like our feline visitors passing though the garden. But since our lovely dog died all the cats of the neighbourhood seem to want to poo in the garden leaving dad to move mounds of cat turdles which pong and are none too pleasant framing the newly growing veg.
We don’t object to the cats just the truffles they leave behind.
Does anyone know of a way to discourage cats from poo-ing in the garden?

  Coffee Adict 20:44 24 Apr 2008

The must humane way (I say this as a cat owner, and have used this method) is a water pistol, not one of those bazooka type jobs I might add, but a childs water pistol, well aimed and out of sight if possible. If you allow cats into your garden they will do the neccessary I'm afraid, it is a form of territory marking, although not as obvious as a dogs. Of course this may leave you with no cats at all.

  crosstrainer 20:52 24 Apr 2008

Use a mild soloution of vinegar and sugar in the water...Cats hate this, as they are pristine animals and will have to lick the goo from fur,

Humane, and harmless.

  QinesiQ 21:20 24 Apr 2008

Oh yes, must absolutely be humane and not scary.

As I said we do like our neighbours furry visitors just not their deposits.

We have been looking after a stray kitty for 15 years. she is very shy and will not venture into the house. she prefers to live in the greenhouse (next to the melons or cucumber - which ever gets put in). she has a two-story insulated cat-house (bottom for sleeping and top for sunbathing) and she 'tells’ us when she wants her breakfast, lunch, tea and super!

I think something we can put down in localised areas where the other cats frequent would be preferable so the vinegar/sugar/water sounds promising at the moment.

  octal 21:42 24 Apr 2008

Your pussy cat house made me smile, that's the sort of thing I would build for my moggy.

  Blackhat 22:31 24 Apr 2008

This link might be of help.
click here

  Covergirl 22:57 24 Apr 2008

I just got some of that weed supressing black fleece type cloth - £3.99 for 24' x 5' reduced to £2.99 in Wilkos. It doesn't go far but it works. Held down with a £1.50 pack of 10 tent pegs.

Co-incidentally, I spotted the local prowler having a dump in the next door neighbours garden on Sunday despite the large weave green netting. Funnily enough, another cat followed him, had a sniff and left another pile in very nearly the same place. Not funny for the neighbour but at least it wasn't on mine !!

  Forum Editor 23:01 24 Apr 2008

to discourage cats from poo-ing in the garden?"

click here

  Chaz10 23:02 24 Apr 2008

I find a shotgun works best, no more cat poo on my garden!

  Blackhat 23:16 24 Apr 2008

Out of order FE. In the light of the request by QinesiQ who stated ‘must absolutely be humane and not scary’ I find your link and also that of Chaz10 to be unnecessary. I know we are not all cat lovers on this forum but please respect those who are. I once had one of my cats shot by an air gun, he had a pellet in his spine, £200 of vet fees, 2 months recuperation, nearly lost him a few times, many tears from wife!

Cat deterents do not have to be painful!

  crosstrainer 23:33 24 Apr 2008

Effective, but grossly and utterly inhumane.

What next? Elephant and tiger hunting?

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