Cat fight over trouser comments

  oresome 11:50 11 Dec 2016

Here are a few snippets of the text conversations following Nicky Morgan's criticism of the PMs trousers!

“I don’t have leather trousers. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on anything apart from my wedding dress,” Morgan had said.

“Don’t bring that woman to Downing Street again,” Hill texted Burt.

“If you don’t like something I have said or done, please tell me directly,” replied Morgan

“No man brings me to any meeting. Your team invites me. If you don’t want my views in future meetings you need to tell them.” continued Morgan.

“Well, he just did. So there!” replied Hill.

I'm glad that the substantive issues of the day are uppermost in the minds of our political elite.


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  Aitchbee 15:03 11 Dec 2016

It's so easy to misinterpret [or twist] a text message especially if the recipient is not in the mood for jokes.

  Forum Editor 15:29 11 Dec 2016

It's all very childish - I cannot, for one moment understand what bearing the Prime Minister's choice of trousers could possibly have on the way she does her job.

  oresome 17:42 11 Dec 2016

Joking apart, the FE knows as well as the rest of us that it's all about public perception.

If you want to be thought of as one of us, as many politicians do, you don't ride to hounds, you holiday in Cornwall and you try to eat a bacon butty with as little decorum as you can muster.

Spending a grand on leather trousers is beyond the means of many voters, but on the other hand no one questions the cost of male politicians suits or their shirts that I know of.

  wee eddie 20:33 11 Dec 2016

Crass stupidity on the part of the journalists, and for that matter, most of the Politicians involved.

  beeuuem~2 03:22 12 Dec 2016

Nicky Morgan did spend that much on a handbag - if that counts.

  Forum Editor 09:13 12 Dec 2016


Presumably, she feels that owning a £950 Burberry handbag doesn't count. Others may disagree.

  oresome 09:32 12 Dec 2016

The really important question regarding the trousers was did they make her bum look big?

No doubt her husband said "no dear", but she won't have been convinced that he actually lifted his head up from the morning paper to look before answering.

  Forum Editor 13:40 12 Dec 2016

The bottom line (excuse the pun) is that this wasn't really about trousers. If it had been, Nicky would have had the basic sense to make sure that pictures of her with her own £950 handbag hadn't already appeared in the media. In her haste to take a spiteful swipe at the PM she forgot to do that, with inevitable consequences.

The real story is that Nicky Morgan can't stand the PM, because at one time she had aspirations to become David Cameron's successor - hilarious as that might sound.

She has harboured a grudge toward Theresa May, who sacked her when she became PM. It's a pity that she chose such a juvenile way to express it. It's also a pity that Theresa saw fit to respond to it. Silence would have played better in this scenario.

  Belatucadrus 14:52 12 Dec 2016

Burberry bags are marvellous and everybody should buy at least two, one plain and one tartan.

Is this the unbiased opinion of somebody with impeccable taste or a late push to maximise the bonus from a shareholder. I can't possibly comment.

  Pablo de Catio 16:00 12 Dec 2016


We could make a judgement from your choice of music ;-)

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