Cash dispensers when first came out

  bumpkin 22:33 16 Oct 2014

Anyone remember these. You could only get £10 no other options. and it came out in a plastic "box or sleeve" that you were required to put back in the machine having removed your cash. It worked midnight to midnight so if you wanted £20 get there at 11.58pm for the first £10 then wait 3 mins to draw the next.

  spuds 23:36 16 Oct 2014

Cannot seem to remember that, but I do recall when the Midland bank had the Access (flexi friend) credit card and Barclays introduced their credit card.

I also remember at one stage, when Comet superstores use to take a polaroid photograph of the card holder, if a credit card was offered for a purchase. Not sure if that was nation-wide, but it was in my hometown, for a while.

Perhaps a reference to bumpkins story click here

  bumpkin 23:42 16 Oct 2014

Nice link spuds

  BT 07:57 17 Oct 2014

I think the first 'Cash Machines' were called 'BarclayCash' and were operated with paper slips with holes punched in them. You got 10 slips in a plastic 'wallet' and each one dispensed £10. You put them into a drawer over a couple of pegs and closed the drawer. I lived in SE London at the time and the only machine in the area was at the Barclays Bank in Lewisham.

I was given a Barclaycard when they first came out with a Credit of £100, about 6 weeks pay in those days. I think Barclaycard came before Access. I later also had an Access Card, and remember the TV Ads for 'Your Flexible Friend.' I was in the bike shop one day and had just handed over my card when his phone rang and he stood there talking and flexing my card and eventually it snapped in half! Fortunately with the help of a bit of sellotape he managed to fit it into the card machine.

  bumpkin 13:58 17 Oct 2014

The first one I used had a plastic card, only one machine in town next one 5 miles away. The question was, would either of them be working and if so would it swallow your card and no money then a week or so before it was sent back. I stopped using them for years but now rely on them most of the time as they are in abundance and usually working and you can get up to £500 should you wish to. Great invention now they have got it right just a shame that so many vandals and fraudsters have to abuse them.

  bumpkin 14:12 17 Oct 2014
  Forum Editor 16:10 18 Oct 2014

I love ATMs, I've used them all over the world, some of them in pretty out-of-the-way places, and have always been impressed by the efficiency of the system that enables me to get cash from a machine almost any machine on the planet, 24 hours a day,just by inserting a plastic card.

Behind the scenes there is some very impressive technology at work.

  bumpkin 17:30 18 Oct 2014

FE, I agree, brilliant now but as with most technology it had its teething problems.

  Aitchbee 21:33 18 Oct 2014

' The Bank of Mum 'n' Dad ' were the first 'onofficial' automatic-cash-dispensers, I reckon. ;o]

  bumpkin 22:00 18 Oct 2014

Aitchbee, yes and an expensive hobby in my household, I get the money from the machine and then dispense it. Now I know why they are called cash dispensers.

  QuizMan 22:09 18 Oct 2014

I worked at the bank that had of the first £10 machines. If you wanted the before and after midnight trick you had to have 2 cards because the machine retained each card after use for processing (it was debited to your account manually by back of office staff) and the card was returned to you in the post.

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