In case there's any doubt in your mind

  Forum Editor 22:13 09 Dec 2014

it's OK to talk about Christmas now.

  Brumas 22:41 09 Dec 2014

I 'll take this early opportunity to echo the sentiments on this unusual old hinged Christmas post card to each and everyone of you.

click here

  Belatucadrus 23:30 09 Dec 2014

It may be OK but is it compulsory.

PS is it OK to mention Hanukkah ?

PPS Do Jedis celebrate christmas ?

  mole1944 07:00 10 Dec 2014

To all forum members may i wish you Happy Christmas.

  wee eddie 09:21 10 Dec 2014

First Fudge/Tablet Making session yesterday.

An American recipe made with peanut butter. It set eventually but it's revolting. Back to the tried and Trusted methods/recipes. Might try Humbugs again

  csqwared 09:58 10 Dec 2014

wee eddie

Are you adding "Bah" to that recipe?

Seasons greetings to all, may Peace and Good Will reign.


  wee eddie 12:05 10 Dec 2014

csqwared: Humbugs were the year before last, I think.

They looked and smelled lovely with well defined stripes but, when I tested one, it stuck my jaws together and sealed my mouth shut for about 20 minutes. I think that I'd made an error in the temperature of the sugar.

  Batch 15:51 10 Dec 2014

"it's OK to talk about Christmas now."

On who's authority is that statement made? God?

Oh! I forgot, FE is God.

  Forum Editor 17:52 10 Dec 2014


"On who's authority is that statement made? God?"

I'm not sure how long you have been with us, so if what I say is familiar to you, forgive me.

Years ago people started posting Christmas-based threads at the beginning of November, and it rapidly got to the point where it drove me nuts - we had dozens of threads, all talking about Christmas. I decided to introduce a rule which said that the word 'Christmas' was banned until after the 25th November, after which date people can talk about it until the cows come home.

Yesterday I realised that there are only a couple of weeks to go, and we hadn't got any Christmassy threads yet, so I thought I would post a reminder.

I'm certainly not anything like a God, but in this small thing I can have my own I do.

  Aitchbee 18:24 10 Dec 2014

I'm eagerly a-waitin' for the hurricaine force winds to ease off so's I can hang up 160 LED-icicle-lights [along the edge of my verandah] and one 100 berry-tree-lights ... all-around-my-plants :o)

  Batch 19:09 10 Dec 2014


My posting was entirely in jest (and I do hope it came over that way).

Being an ardent atheist who considers Richard Dawkins to be a lilly livered moderate, my comment was also made with a heavy dose of flippancy. Personally I won't be wishing a single soul "Merry Xmas".

BTW "I'm not sure how long you have been with us" 13.9 years and counting according to the site stats.

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