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Cars covered in brown marks

  bumpkin 22:32 11 Jul 2016

I like my cars to be clean but find that they are constantly covered in small brown spots. I can't get them off easily even with repeated washing. Local hand car wash does a reasonable job but still some remain, they tell me it comes from trees. They come off with a fingernail easy enough but there are hundreds of them over the screen and bodywork. Recently had my conifers lopped if that is of any relevance.

Has anyone else experienced this or can offer advice on removal.

  lotvic 13:15 17 Oct 2016

Pine Man, FE's tongue not so forked.

Looked on Rentokil and they say exit holes. Eggs laid in cracks. Larvae burrow and cause the damage. Adults emerge and mate. Have to break the cycle somehow, maybe catch and neuter the pesky adults... OMG

  Pine Man 13:25 17 Oct 2016

So the little larvae don't leave a hole when they go in but they do when they grow up and come out? Lazy little sods.

I'll stand by for a lashing from the FE.

  lotvic 13:34 17 Oct 2016

Pine Man, we live and learn :) I always thought the adults laid eggs deep in the 'tunnels' before they climbed out. I never thought about them needing to mate.

  Pine Man 15:07 17 Oct 2016

I Don't Believe It!!

Just been out to the garage, moved the car out to clear up some of the mess I made earlier and b**r me there are little yellow/brown marks all over it again AND I'm sure I heard laughter from inside the garage somewhere.

My next move may be to line the underside of the roof with hardboard between the joists and if that fails I'll change my car for a light brown/yellow one!

  Pine Man 15:09 17 Oct 2016

That's weird my expletive above has been censored and two asterisks have been moved.

  lotvic 16:01 17 Oct 2016

Pine Man, maybe you scared the stuff out of them when you painted with the Rentokil fluid.

  lotvic 16:30 17 Oct 2016

That last would have sounded so much better if I'd used the correct term, so here it is:

maybe you scared the frass out of them when you painted the wood with the Rentokil fluid

  Forum Editor 22:39 17 Oct 2016

"That's weird my expletive above has been censored..."

Our site did that. It automatically censors certain unacceptable words.

  bumpkin 13:48 18 Oct 2016

Our site did that. It automatically censors certain unacceptable words.

Here is an example, off.

  Pine Man 14:45 18 Oct 2016

Well I'm not about to try and prove you wrong;-)

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