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Cars covered in brown marks

  bumpkin 22:32 11 Jul 2016

I like my cars to be clean but find that they are constantly covered in small brown spots. I can't get them off easily even with repeated washing. Local hand car wash does a reasonable job but still some remain, they tell me it comes from trees. They come off with a fingernail easy enough but there are hundreds of them over the screen and bodywork. Recently had my conifers lopped if that is of any relevance.

Has anyone else experienced this or can offer advice on removal.

  bumpkin 21:06 20 Aug 2016

Thanks for some interesting replies. This is what I used click here I think I paid about £16 for mine though, should have shopped around.

  Pine Man 16:15 14 Oct 2016

I remembered reading this thread a while back and prompted by little light brown spots on the roof of my car decided to read it again. The spots are about a quarter of an inch in diameter and some of them slightly raised and powdery. On sloping surfaces the spots appear to have run slightly suggesting they started off as liquid.

I noticed these spots a few weeks back and assumed I'd been under trees but today, after using my car and cleaning the windscreen, I found more of these spots on the windscreen BUT the car had been in my garage since I last used it!

The roof is flat and made from tongue an groove timber about 50 years old covered in felt about 3 years old. There is no obvious sign of word worm.

The only solution I have found so far is bee poo but I haven't noticed any bees in or around my garage.

Any ideas?

  bumpkin 16:25 14 Oct 2016

The roof is flat and made from tongue an groove timber about 50 years old covered in felt

My car has a steel one but it still gets marked.

  Pine Man 16:37 14 Oct 2016

That's the first good laugh I've had today!! :-))

  x123 16:46 14 Oct 2016

I was more worried about the

"There is no obvious sign of word worm."


  Pine Man 16:49 14 Oct 2016

Must read what I have wrote!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:22 14 Oct 2016

Wood Worm must be a worry Pine Man?

  Pine Man 21:43 14 Oct 2016


  bumpkin 21:55 14 Oct 2016

Wood Worm must be a worry Pine Man?

Not necessarily given time he may get a free sunroof.

  Pine Man 16:04 15 Oct 2016

Cleaned off the inside of the garage roof and applied woodworm killer and 'creepy crawly' killer.

Cleaned the car off and polished it.

Applied Head & Shoulders liberally where needed and polish to the bit that didn't need it!

Hopefully in the morning my car, garage and head will be free of brown marks, woodworm and dandruff!

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