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Cars covered in brown marks

  bumpkin 22:32 11 Jul 2016

I like my cars to be clean but find that they are constantly covered in small brown spots. I can't get them off easily even with repeated washing. Local hand car wash does a reasonable job but still some remain, they tell me it comes from trees. They come off with a fingernail easy enough but there are hundreds of them over the screen and bodywork. Recently had my conifers lopped if that is of any relevance.

Has anyone else experienced this or can offer advice on removal.

  Belatucadrus 19:43 12 Jul 2016

Strange as it may seem I can't say I've seen many aphids this year, we have some plants including a Guelder rose and Sycamores that can get infested with black or greenfly. But this year not a thing, only things likely to miss them are the ants that harvest honeydew.

  bumpkin 21:50 12 Jul 2016

Now that I have established what it s thanks to your help then it should not be to difficult to deal with (No blowtorch required:-))

Trying out today on a small section I found that a virtually worn out green washing up sponge would get a lot of it off easily without scratching the paintwork, some of it was more stubborn and required a fingernail. My conclusion is clean them completely of all marks, coat with PTFE polish then wash frquently, say once a week or as needed. Does that sound reasonable

  Belatucadrus 11:07 13 Jul 2016

Turtle wax used to do a heavy duty car wash that I use before polishing the car, but it seems to have been discontinued. I have found an Armor All alternative that claims to shift tar bugs and tree sap. Not tried it yet but will do when I finish the Turtle wax.

  bumpkin 15:41 13 Jul 2016

thanks for that.

  Belatucadrus 19:20 22 Jul 2016

Just used the Armor All heavy duty for the first time, used it on a somewhat bug splattered but no tree sap marks white car on the basic wash concentration. Needed a bit of sponge action on the stubborn spots but seems to have done the job OK. Only down side is it's clearly a pretty strong detergent and would definitely suggest rubber gloves particularly if using it at Tough wash concentrations.

  bumpkin 22:48 22 Jul 2016

Thanks for the feedback Bel. After a bit more research I washed my own car, panel by panel and removed any sap/resin/tar spots with the worn out scourer without scratching the lacquer finish. A tedious job that took me all day due to health issues (little else I can do).

Spent another full day polishing it with something called Boora and a glass sealer for the windows. Daughter says I am obsessed but now all the marks come off easily with a sponge and soapy water. Also looks like something from a showroom.

I took hers to the local hand car wash and explained about the tree situation. They used a different detergent and got an acceptable result and only charged the normal £6.

  BT 08:19 23 Jul 2016

Had my annual Service and MOT on Thursday. There was a bit of a build up of a gritty feel on the paintwork. I think its what they call 'Sahara Sand' It lands on the car and if there's dew it sticks if you don't notice it and wash it off.

Anyway as part of the service package there's a mini Valet included and it came back all clean and shiny. I suppose their Jet Washer is more powerful than mine.

  Vaneric 09:55 23 Jul 2016

Ordinary paraffin will shift most ot the sticky stuff that lands on cars, tar and sap included.

  BT 08:50 24 Jul 2016

Ordinary paraffin will shift most ot the sticky stuff that lands on cars, tar and sap included.

Take all the wax off as well.

  BT 10:57 24 Jul 2016

..a virtually worn out green washing up sponge

You can actually buy a car washing sponge that has a layer of the same type of material on one side. Its supposed to be for getting insect residue off the windscreen but its OK on the bodywork. I've had one for ages and it works well. Can't remember where I got it though.

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