Carphone Warehouse to close 92 stores

  oresome 11:49 29 May 2018

Yet another major retailer feeling the effects of changing consumer habits and reduced spending power.

It seems that if there is little in the way of technological advancement, consumers are keeping their old phone longer.


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  Aitchbee 15:21 29 May 2018

There is a tenuous, analogous connection with Doctor Who's time-machine [The TARDIS]. Unfortunately for the staff of old CW, I can't envisage 'em being reincarnated into a successful, bright 'n' shiny, new CW.

  BT 17:23 29 May 2018

consumers are keeping their old phone longer.

Isn't it more a case of 'Most people now have a Phone on contract' and get upgrades from their service providers rather than going in a store and buying a new one.

  oresome 17:45 29 May 2018

Isn't it more a case of 'Most people now have a Phone on contract' and get upgrades from their service providers rather than going in a store and buying a new one.

Not from what I read. Consumers are retaining the old phone and going for 'sim only' deals the second time round apparently.

  Menzie 18:49 29 May 2018

I think these days most people go with the network retention deals individual networks offer.

Whenever someone is thinking about leaving they are sometimes offered a rate that isn't advertised elsewhere or available at places like Carphone Warehouse.

There are more factors of course, but this I reckon is definitely one of the things that have affected Carphone Warehouse's business.

  morddwyd 19:38 29 May 2018

I have never had to wait less than ten minutes in my local CPW, more usually twenty.

If they employed more counters staff they might get more customers.

  BT 07:49 30 May 2018

Not from what I read. Consumers are retaining the old phone and going for 'sim only' deals the second time round apparently.

Which means they still aren't buying new phones

  Forum Editor 09:37 30 May 2018

The rate of technical innovation in the mobile phone industry has slowed, and that means there are fewer reasons for people to rush out and buy a new phone, just to stay on the front edge.

We all have phones that can do just about anything that a PC can do, plus a fair bit more and it must be fiendishly difficult for phone manufacturers to continually come up with new features. Companies like Carphone warehouse depend on phone manufacturers to provide devices which constantly stimulate consumer demand. Running high street retail stores is a very expensive business. Those fixed overheads just roll on, and unless you have a dependable stream of customers through the door all day, every day, you're on a slippery slope.

'Innovate or die' is certainly true in the phone industry.

  wee eddie 12:47 30 May 2018

One of the problems has been that investors appear to believe that only a company that is constantly expanding is a success.

This leads to companies constantly opening stores, almost regardless as to the suitability of the site. Many of these new sites are not able to generate sufficient income to justify their cost and start to drag down those sites that are profitable.

Of course, in time, some old sites lose their customer base but Companies are fearful of closing them down as the Press would start asking questions and the Share Price might fall, even if the benefit of closing those sites would benefit the overall profitability of the Company.

It is sad that our version of Capitalism does not value a mature Company that has reached an optimum size and decided to stick at that.

  john bunyan 16:39 30 May 2018

I, and several family members have iPhone 6s bought used from a good local supplier for about £250 or so. We have rolling monthly Giff Gaff at £10 a month for unlimited calls and texts and 4 Gb download. I looked at EE and they offered a 2 year contrat for the same phone for £38 a month. Deducting £10 for service that is a premium of £28 a month x 24 months for the phone or £672. Therefore I save £672 - £250 or £422 by my method and hav no fixed contract. The 6s does all I need. Many people are seeing that contracts are expensive unless one’s employers pay.

  Menzie 23:47 30 May 2018

*john bunyan those prices are making me very jealous. I am in a place with some of the most expensive mobile services in the world.

Unfortunately as soon as a big cheap network appears they are gobbled up by a larger network.

Previously I was on a small local network, which meant if I went outside a certain coverage area I'd be roaming. The monthly cost however of $30CDN+Tax was worth it. It was also month to month.

That network was bought, merged with another network and tariffs were changed accordingly.

So on my current network with taxes my bill comes up to $78CDN monthly. This gets me unlimited text messages, unlimited incoming calls (yes that's a thing here), unlimited local calling and 1GB of internet.

For the "bargain price" of $10 more my network has offered to up me to 4GB of internet. I have Wi-Fi at home and work so don't need much thankfully.

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