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  babybell 14:21 09 Jun 2010

I have scoured the internet for an answer to this but cannot find anything.

Basically, this question is going to be dependent on a lot of variable factors I know, but if I was to look for a basic bedroom carpet with some better quality underlay (I've been told that if we do want to save money then its better to scrimp on the carpet rather than the underlay) how much would I be looking at per m²?

I can see carpet for sale at about £20m² but how much should I add for underlay and fitting?

I just need a ball park m² figure so that we can get a rough idea on how much we need to save. First time buyers you see, so not many spare pennys floating around!

  lotvic 15:25 09 Jun 2010

Underlay (foam crumb solid) £3-£4 per m²
Don't like the 'waffle type' u/lay

Fitter charged £40 per room and £50 for stairs

Price included all the gripper rods and the metal bits in doorways (forgot the name of those)

I got my carpet on offer for £6 per m² and free delivery.

Best to measure the room and shop around for quotes as it varies considerably from shop to shop and offers available.

  JYPX 17:59 09 Jun 2010

I put carpet tiles (the very cheap ones you will find at B&Q) in one bedroom about 10 years ago.
Easy to fit, cut, etc, no underlay to buy, hard wearing. Can't see any downside to buying these - I even like the rather flat pile.

  Forum Editor 19:40 09 Jun 2010

will do deals that include free underlay or free fitting, it's worth shopping around.

I wouldn't agree with the 'scrimp on the carpet rather than the underlay' advice by the way - my advice would be to do the exact opposite.

  morddwyd 19:41 09 Jun 2010

You can also take them with you when you move!

We have carpet tiles down which have done at least eight moves!

  Paddylad 20:19 09 Jun 2010

If a house rather than a bungalow you've got wooden floors and quite honestly you don't need underlay. Use old newspapers. We did until we could afford underlay, and imagine my surprise when I was offered rolls of brown paper by the salesman.

  wiz-king 21:33 09 Jun 2010

Unless you concrete floors just sand the boards. varnish/stain and then buy rugs. Much healthier and easy to clean.

  BRYNIT 21:41 09 Jun 2010

When I used to sell carpets years ago it was not wise to use a cheap underlay under a quality carpet. You also did not use a better quality underlay that would outlast a cheap carpet.

As the bedroom was a light to medium ware area most people would used a foam back carpets which could last between 5-10 years. Usually the foam backing would disintegrates before the carpet would wears out.

If you are going to using a carpet that requires an underlay go for a middle quality one. Underlays supplied free with a carpet are usually the cheaper quality and do not last. Once the carpet is down you do not know how the underlay is wearing.

You do not need to go for a carpet @ £20m² this is IMO over the top you should be able to get a carpet cheaper.

To give you an idea of the different Underlay qualities and prices you could look at click here you would need to add vat to the price + delivery charge. (Never used this company)

The max quality I would use for a bedroom would be the Duralay Step 80 Underlay 12yr guarantee or the Tredaire Superior Underlay 15yr guarantee.

  Simsy 08:17 10 Jun 2010

on the specific question, but in terms of costing check all the components...

When we were recarpeting 6 years ago I discovered that the "sheds", (Allied Carpets, CarpetRight etc), though fairly cheap on carpet and underlay price, didn't include fitting... and fitting was charged by them per sq metre. This made it very expensive.

In the end we used a local shop. It was slightly dearer for the carpet, but fitting was free, including gripper rods and a cheap underlay. Upgrading to a better quality underlay was affordable and the overall cost was cheaper than the sheds, with a better product, and very good service.



  babybell 09:55 10 Jun 2010

FE, I believe the reason people have said to go for decent underlay rather than carpet is that a good underlay can make a poor carpet feel more comfortable, whereas a good carpet on poor underlay could make the carpet feel less comfortable. Also, a good underlay can last years and years, whereas a carpet will become out dated with fashion. Also, when we get more cash under our belts, we can simply change a poor quality carpet to something more luxurious, without forking out for more underlay.

I did some measuring last night. Our front bedroom is 2.5m x 4.0m, our landing is only 2m x 1m and I’ve guestimated the stairs at around 10m² (this was based on 3 sides on a stairs being roughly 1m²)

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