Carpal tunnel syndrome

  Joe R 08:56 10 Jan 2009

Hi all,

had an operation under local anaesthetic yesterday, at my local hospital.

Just to enquire, if any forum members, can tell me what the average recuperation time is for this operation.

Before going ahead with this, I was informed that I should be able to return to work, within ten to fourteen days, but straight after surgery, I was told not to drive, for 21-28 days, and so cannot return to work, for at least this time.

I am typing this with only one hand at the moment, so my ten/twelve words per minute, is now halved. :)

As I have already stated, I am only looking for anyone, who has experienced this type of surgery, who may be able to give me any pointers, to aid in my return to work, as I start climbing the walls, when I am off for any more than a week or so.

Regards Joe.

  MAT ALAN 10:13 10 Jan 2009

click here=

most of these will give you the answer you are looking for but only you will know when your ready to return to work...

  Forum Editor 10:18 10 Jan 2009

and can depend on the type of surgery carried out, but as a very general guide most people recover within two to eight weeks.

As always, I must point out that we're not qualified to offer medical advice here. Your best bet is to consult with the surgical staff at your hospital.

  Kevscar1 12:25 10 Jan 2009

Be careful not to go back to soon. Bust some ribs near my spine and was told would be off for 12 weeks. By the end of week 7 was going crazy so went back to work.
3 years later and by the end of each week I have bad back pain.

  Simsy 00:29 11 Jan 2009

depends very much on what your job is!



  Pineman100 19:07 12 Jan 2009

I have a suspicion that I'm developing CTS - I have a tingling numbness in my fingers when I wake up in the morning.

Please could you tell me what your symptoms were, and how bad they were before sought medical help?

FE - I note your comments that medical help offered here is not qualified.

  Forum Editor 20:22 12 Jan 2009

Thank you - I know you realise how important it is to seek advice from your doctor about such things.

Having the same symptoms as someone else isn't necessarily an indication that you have the same illness or condition, which is why it's so important not to indulge in self-diagnosis.

  polish 21:42 12 Jan 2009

i had both hands done at the same time and returned to work after 2wks being self employed hastend that otherwise i might have stayed off another week other than that the only other problem was when doing diy using a hammer or heavy work did cause discomfort for a few months.
as the forum editor has mentioned you do need proper advice but my symptoms tingling and numbness in the morning that is when i sought out medical advice but later symptoms before operation was the tingling coming on at any time

  Pineman100 10:10 13 Jan 2009

Yes - understood entirely. I'm just interested in Joe R's experience. I certainly wouldn't take any steps whatsoever without qualified medical advice.

  Marko797 10:37 13 Jan 2009

but wondered if this could be related to repetitive use of computers/laptops (more so with laptops)? I do get tingling/numbness in index finger and thumb of my right hand (not the left however), but this has only occurred over the past year since using a laptop, without a mouse, more often. Or is it just coincidence?

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