Carmichael & Dankworth

  morddwyd 10:10 07 Feb 2010

Another two who've given a lot of pleasure to a lot of people.

Many thanks.


  canarieslover 10:47 07 Feb 2010

Agreed, particularly so with Dankworth.

  Bapou 11:32 07 Feb 2010

Although Ian Carmichael appeared in a number of films, there's one scene I will never forget. I think the film was Private's Progress and the scene was when the sergeant found him in the barrack room and asked why, he replied "I was feeling a little fragile sergeant"

I must have missed the remainder of the film, I was still laughing.

  MAJ 12:05 07 Feb 2010

Yes, I was sad to hear of the passing of Ian Carmichael, he always made me smile, especially in one of my favourite films, School For Scoundrels when he starred with Alastair Sim (the master) and Terry Thomas.
I don't really know a lot about Mr. Dankworth as I'm not a Jazz lover but of course I was aware of him and the good works he and his wife Dame Cleo Lane were involved in. Sympathies to both their families.

  Brumas 12:54 07 Feb 2010

I too enjoyed Ian Carmichael's work especially his portrayal of the bumbling Bertie Wooster.
I also envied his cut glass accent, I too was born in Hull but there the similarity ends ;o)

  Toneman 15:44 07 Feb 2010

Thought of him only a day or two ago in this context, have had a stinking cold, felt much the same...

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