Care 'Bears'...

  Quickbeam 11:34 22 Aug 2007

take to the air again click here

There seems to be a lot of noise from sabres rattling in Moscow lately... I still don't trust 'em.

  Quickbeam 12:14 22 Aug 2007

Luckily I believe that there are plans to have a Vulcan airworthy before long.

Also, anyone that travels on the A1 near Newark regularly, will know that there is a mothballed Lightening in a field... all it needs is a nosecone & the Sycamore that's growing through the canopy felling.

A couple of weekends hard graft, and we too can be a world power again:)

  hereford456 12:36 22 Aug 2007

The Russian plane never reached UK Airspace.
The only reason this was mentioned is because the Russians have started up these flights again.
Up until the late 90's this happened nearly daily.

As for Vulcans coming back in to service this is a myth.
The plane is over 50 years old & has a very limited group of pilots who are rated to fly it, let alone using it an Air Defence mode.

  Cymro. 12:50 22 Aug 2007

I never thought that the USSR was as much of a threat to the west as it was made out to be. After the devastation that Russia suffered in WW2 they were never going to go in to WW3 in a hurry as they knew that in the end they would loose much more than they would ever gain.

However things change, the world moves on, new leaders come in to power both in the west and in Russia, so we do well to be very careful.

People say that the west has won the cold war and that may well be true but there are still some very grave dangers ahead. If a world war ever breaks out again it will not be about just territory but about natural resources such as oil, water etc.

It is not just Russia that we have to keep an eye on. There are dangers in the middle east and what about China? Problems could develop with some of the old territories of the USSR. India and Pakistan could become even more of a problem in future.

Quickbeam says he does not trust the Russians, we may well do better not to trust anyone too much, including the USA.

  Kate B 13:11 22 Aug 2007

Russia is posturing and sabre-rattling on a lot of things at the moment: under Putin Russia is being very assertive and I think is potentially worrying, but more over things like energy than over military matters.

  hereford456 16:19 22 Aug 2007

I agree the Russian Military are very poorly off.
But Russia has a many plans involved in the drilling of oil in the East of the country.
In fact Sibera could have the potential as being one of the biggest oil finds in years.
Hence BP, EXon etc are keen to go to Russia.

  Quickbeam 16:53 22 Aug 2007

"But Russia has a many plans involved in the drilling of oil in the East of the country."

With Siberia, and their newly acquired undersea colony at the North Pole, they could become the major economic player in the G8.

From that position they won't need to make big noises from the armed forces for others to listen.

I thinks maybe that the 'Old Guard' still like to shout from under their big hats for the time being... until they're finally forgotten?

  Earthsea 17:20 22 Aug 2007

Putin will do anything to make Russia look like a world power again, but won't fool anyone because it isn't. I'm rather disappointed that so much money is being put into the military when it would be far better spent on the country's infrastructure. Giving people a better standard of living is a lot more important than trying to give the illusion of being a military power. All it has is an ageing nuclear arsenal but that's about it; its other military capabilities are small, and it will take an awful lot of money to change that.

I think it will take a lot more than its oil reserves to make Russia a major economic player. They will certainly help to build its economic standing, though.

It all seems pretty pointless. If there was ever another world war then we'd all be vaporised, including Russia, regardless of what arms it could bring to bear.

  Whitehart 17:33 22 Aug 2007

*. I still don't trust 'em.*

That is exactly how the Russian people feel about the west, they have never forgotten the German attack of 21st June 1941.

  Cymro. 18:19 22 Aug 2007

I don`t suppose the Russians would trust George Bush either. I certainly would not.

  Quickbeam 20:17 22 Aug 2007

I'll stick with the Martini!

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