Caravan Touring Starts Now...

  STREETWORK 21:48 13 Jul 2007

Look out Cornwall, here I come towing my 23ft caravan through Glos, Somerset, Devon to the Cornish Riviera.

Move over Clarkson.

Seriously, this is my 16th year of touring the whole of Europe and the UK. Never have I ever experienced the discourtesy shown by drivers of BMW's and the like as I have in the UK, especially down the south west of England.

Any tips, and if its stay home and watch tele, forget it...

  WhiteTruckMan 21:59 13 Jul 2007

the cornwall liberation front. Or whatever he's calling himself this week.


  SANTOS7 22:05 13 Jul 2007

Its the OOH ARR A i think...

  paul€ 22:13 13 Jul 2007


" Never have I ever experienced the discourtesy shown by drivers of BMW's "

Very true.:-(

  jimv7 22:39 13 Jul 2007

More emmits on the

  Macscouse 23:57 13 Jul 2007

Stuck behind a caravan today, along with 60 other vehicles, for nine miles on the A96. 40 MPH in a six geared car is not very nice, but it is the summer season. (I never hold up the traffic, always pull over) now where have I heard that before?

  [email protected] 00:59 14 Jul 2007

it would make my life much much easier, if all the wonderful caravaners would fit new tyres and not tow them 100 miles on perished tyres and wonder why they blow out causing the motorway network to grind to a halt every single summer!
i know most do this, but a great deal do not understand tread lift and mobile tyre fitters for caravans are few and far between. i have to clean the mess up and dread every summertime. im not saying it's all caravaners but in summertime they are the biggest menace on the roads.

  Forum Editor 01:37 14 Jul 2007

but some of the people who tow them could do with a few lessons in roadcraft.

  Sapins 09:03 14 Jul 2007

I think that goes for all road users.

  laurie53 09:47 14 Jul 2007

If you've been there before you probably already know this, but remember, Cornish hedges are stuffed.

The number of times you'd see an emmit courteously pull right into the hedge to let you past, only to lose a bumper or wing as that gentle honeysuckle proved to be growing over granite!

  Colin 12:36 14 Jul 2007

adman 2 makes a good point. Caravans, or any towed vehicle for that matter, should be subject to a form of MOT and an additional test taken by a driver before you are allowed to tow anything.

I pity people travelling on the M5 over the next month or so!

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