Car wont start at all

  BlessT 13:34 16 Nov 2013

So yesterday I was in a rush to go somewhere, and just as I put my key in the ignition my car wouldn't start, Lights wouldn't go on and the dashboard was blank aswell.

Its been weeks since my car gave me problems. and I was able to kick start it. But today I tried kick starting it for like an hour and as soon as I removed the jumper cables car went dead again..

I asked a friend of mine to help my car get power by using his battery then put mine back in so it could charge. I left the engine running for approximately 2 hours. After that I took it for a drive and came back and parked it. Today as I put my key in the ignition same problem occurred.

What could the problem be? is it my battery? how do I revive it, can I still get it to work properly without kick starting it for a long period?

  martd7 14:44 16 Nov 2013

Sounds like batterys dead to me,if you can get to a garage have the battery checked over,most do it free of charge but sounds most likely to me,same happened to me last year when the cold snap came killed my battery dead,it was 7 yr old though,some have an indicator window on top,if yours has and its showing black its dead

  wee eddie 14:48 16 Nov 2013

I'm no Motor wizard but, from what I can remember, there is a thing called "The Alternator" which causes the Battery to charge while the car is running.

If this fails a problem similar to the one you describe, occurs.

  martd7 14:53 16 Nov 2013

could be,until the batterys checked over theres no way of knowing

  woodchip 16:09 16 Nov 2013

Had the same problem with a Renault 19 some years ago, it was a Dead Battery, internal short though it did not give no indication battery being on its way our. replace the battery and it will be okay. Asked RAC man if it was a known problem and he said yes with modern battery's

  woodchip 16:11 16 Nov 2013

PS bump Starting the car and running it with the old battery will kill the alternator

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:11 16 Nov 2013

To me it looks like the alternator coming to the end of it's life, so no longer charging the battery properly, leading to the failure of the battery too.

This happened to me some years ago, when I drove a Citroen BX diesel. Had to start it on jump-leads and drive it several miles, to get it fixed, with no electrical power whatsoever, so no brake-lights or indicators and no stalling! Only made possible because it had mechanical fuel injection so the engine required no electricity to run, once started.

  woodchip 16:13 16 Nov 2013

also you should not remove a battery while the car is running as this will also kill the alternator

  bumpkin 16:45 16 Nov 2013

Usually a warning light on the dash if it is the alternator, probably the battery itself or possibly something draining it overnight. How old is the car and the battery.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 16 Nov 2013

If battery is not charging from alternator there should be a red light on the dash. (lit when flow from battery towards alternator goes out when flow from alternator to battery.)

sounds like battery is dead, get garage or Halfords to do a "Drop Test" on the battery this measures the output under heavy load.

to quickly test the alternator switch on head lights while idling, rev the car and the lights should brighten up a notch.

Mulitimeter (Volts) across battery terminals should see about 14.5v output from the alternator

  namtas 19:08 16 Nov 2013

You need a new battery, yours has completely failed.

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