Car tax (vehicle license) On-Line

  Ex plorer 09:41 20 Oct 2012

Car tax (vehicle license)

You must pay car tax to DVLA for your vehicle. To do this on-line you’ll need to be the registered keeper of the vehicle. He is.

My brother tried to tax his van on-line last night and got as far as MOT and Insurance not checked.

Was he trying to soon.

(You can renew your tax any day from the 5th day of the month it is about to expire.)

He reads this as after the 5th of this month, his tax expires at the end of this month.

  interzone55 09:51 20 Oct 2012

Not exactly clear, but is the MOT & Insurance current?

Check with with the online insurance database that his insurance is showing up OK - not all insurers are on the database, so his might not. If this is the case he won't be able to renew hi stax online

Motor Insurance Database (MID)

  Ex plorer 10:37 20 Oct 2012

MOT and insurance is currant. I will find out who is insures are and check the data-base.

  OTT_B 10:55 20 Oct 2012

I watched this clip from Watchdog last night - if askMID shows as uninsured then it might be relevant to your brother?


  Ex plorer 19:44 20 Oct 2012

Hi OTT-B You may have hit the nail on the head and that is a scarey movie clip.

alan14 You also have caused my brother for concern, we put in his vans VRN on the MID and it say its incorrect I tried it twice with the same answer.

It would appear the van is not on the data-base.

We intend to try by phone on Monday failing that at the post office on Monday also.

He bought the Van 6 months ago its a second hand one from a garage and the insurance was transferd from the old van to the newer one, the tax runs out on the 31st of this month and still has 6 months MOT.

I am going to check mine and make a copy of my insurance details and MOT I will keep a copy at home.

I will carry the originals with me.

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