Car Tax Reminder sent to old address

  Halebop6 11:18 17 Nov 2007

For the second year running I have recieved a car Tax reminder for the people who used to own our house (over 10 yrs ago).

They actually now live across the road, so last year I popped over and gave it to them. He said that he was aware that the car was still registered as being at our address but hadn't bothered to change it as he was planning to get rid of the car soon anyway. I did point out to him that the DVLA requires you to notify them of the cars current address (I am right it saying this?), but he just shrugged it off.

A year later he obviously still has the car, and it is still registered to my address. On the back of the reminder envelope it says 'do not return to sender' and I have just searched through the DVLA website to see what I can do to no avail.

Am I right in thinking that this could cause me problems, as anything like unpaid fines will be noted under my address?

What can I do?

  anskyber 11:25 17 Nov 2007

You are not the registered keeper so you should be fine.

  wiz-king 11:29 17 Nov 2007

No problem, if you 'forget' to give it to him he may not remember to renew his road tax - then he has the problem of a fine or getting his car confiscated. It will not be your problem as anskber said it is the owners duty to notify change of address.

  Marko797 11:30 17 Nov 2007

notified DVLA of change of address, and can get fined for not doing so. It's the same with driving licences, and I *think* the fine is something like £1000 potentially, although rarely enforced.
The car will be registered in his name, so should not adversely affect you.
You could remind him that you're not his personal postman, and out of courtesy, could he please notify DVLA of his current address? And remind him that it is an offence not to have his details up-to-date & registered with them. The latter however might end up with him punching ur nose, if he's that way inclined. Sure u cud word it better than I have here.

  anskyber 11:32 17 Nov 2007

Sorry, misread the post, the FE is quite correct about the address issue although clearly since you are not the registered keeper the "liability" rests elsewhere. But the address point remains.

  Forum Editor 11:32 17 Nov 2007

is under a legal obligation to notify DVLA about a change of address. The fact that this person hasn't done so is not your concern. That said, if DVLA (or the police) take any action against the keeper of the vehicle they will serve notice at your address, and that's when you would notify them of the error.

  €dstowe 11:33 17 Nov 2007

It is exceptional that you know the owners current address. Often one doesn't and, in those circumstances, if you are told "Do not return to sender" then I suppose you just discard the notification.

If the owner of the car can't be bothered to do the right thing, there is no reason why you should go to any effort, even if it is just to cross the road.

  anskyber 11:34 17 Nov 2007

My second post does not make sense since the FE has deleted his own post in favour of another (!)

  Forum Editor 11:37 17 Nov 2007

My appologies - I decided to alter my advice because no CCJ can be registered against the address until/unless a notice has been served, and at that stage Halebop6 could/would notify the relevant authority.

  anskyber 11:42 17 Nov 2007

No apols needed. I thought I'd try to salvage some semblance of being seen as a reasonable person by explaining that I have not lost it....completely.

  Halebop6 14:55 17 Nov 2007

Thank you very much everyone for your knowledgable responses.

I'ts nice to hear that the consensus is that I have done all I can and it is his fault if he ends up with problems!

I feel better now knowing that I should not have any comeback.

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