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Car Tax Disc

  Graham* 23:55 30 Sep 2014

You can throw it away now. I was amused to see so many tax disc holders on Ebay.

  muddypaws 10:31 01 Oct 2014

I renewed mine yesterday on line as usual. Feels strange after all these years not to have one showing. However I have printed off the brief details of the renewal and stuck it in the disc holder just in case their system crashes!! (:-}} Why throw away a good disc holder!!

  spuds 10:38 01 Oct 2014

Old habits die hard, so to say. Its surprising if you are trained to 'spot' a dodgy tax disc, how this stays with you, when walking past a vehicle. No more enjoyment now, in pointing out the errors of some people's ways, or writing out a CLE/26. :O(

  Flak999 11:19 01 Oct 2014

The new system has fallen over already!

  muddypaws 11:53 01 Oct 2014

Flak999 There's a surprise.


Yes-- happy memories walking the beat looking for dodgy discs. Before I got a sit down job in a motorway patrol car for 25 years.

  spuds 12:51 01 Oct 2014

From Flak999 BBC link "The DVLA said the site had seen "an unprecedented volume of traffic"".

I wonder where I have heard that before, and only very recently concerning passports, or other government IT enterprises.

At least my local Post Office have had a big refurbishment, and only yesterday the lady behind the counter was showing me a large new poster, that they were now doing vehicle tax. Seeing the link, it made me wonder whether the Post Office systems went down also.


Certainly does bring back memories, especially the 'one-offs', which I now look back and still have a smile and laugh.

  iscanut 13:06 01 Oct 2014

I have put my National Trust Car park disc in my holder.

  bumpkin 13:40 01 Oct 2014

Whoever gets the last one ever issued should be able to make a few bob.

  johndrew 14:43 01 Oct 2014

I have a set of 12 consecutive years for my car. If I keep them for the next 20 years (I'll only be in my 90s!!) I may make enough to retire (again)!!

  Aitchbee 14:49 01 Oct 2014

... if one were to insert a nicely 'cut-out' picture of Noddy into the now defunct tax disc holder then one would have a ... Noddy Holder!

  bumpkin 16:35 01 Oct 2014

Or a Noddy Bike if a motor cyclist.

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