Car sale Scam or not.

  birdface 23:22 10 Nov 2008

Maybe a warning to anyone selling there car.My niece came in to night and told us she had sold her car through Auto Trader.She said that the buyer wanted to ship it to France for his wife who loved the photo.Never haggled about the price.Of course the alarm bells started ringing.He was going to pay by bankers draft and pay extra so that she could pay the company that was going to ship the car abroad for them.Now I will point out that this is not putting blame on Auto Trader. As I checked there sell cars safely advert and it warns you about such scams.It also gives you e-mail address of the police and there own helpline.My niece had no idea that this was probably a scam. So take care if you are thinking of selling your car on Line or through any companys.Maybe advertise as UK only sale might help.

  Forum Editor 23:37 10 Nov 2008

in which case there would have been no problem, would there? Your niece wouldn't have parted company with the vehicle until she had the money, so all would have been well.

The problems arise when people hand over a vehicle without ensuring that they have the money.

  Starfox 23:45 10 Nov 2008

If it's a foreign bankers draught (or cheque for that matter) watch out.

I have seen similar cases to this where the bank clears payment and the goods are sent then the payment is revoked by the foreign bank and you are out of pocket.

If it was me I would stay well clear if only for piece of mind.

  Starfox 23:50 10 Nov 2008

Here is another way you can be defrauded.

click here

  royalflush 00:01 11 Nov 2008

Starfox the woman in that advert is lacking a serious amount of Common Sense, in this day & age everyone is aware of scams like this, i am so supprised with her that she handed over the car before the money was cleared that serves her right in my oppinion, its kinda like a stranger asking to borrow money that uve never met.?? Hello...anyone there???

  birdface 00:23 11 Nov 2008

Thanks for the comments.I do believe that Auto Trader also warns you of this when the bank finds out that the Cheque or Draft was stolen or altered they would notify the customer and seek any reimbursment for any money taken from the contents of the Cheque.Now the problem is that they are not interested in buying the car I believe that they make their money of the person paying the for shipping the car abroad.Which of course would have been my niece.I suppose they will ask for payment before they come and collect the car and that is where the scam comes in.Now I did say bankers draft which I am sure my niece mentioned.In Auto Trader they will tell you of what sort of Cheques etc to be wary of.Now this has not yet been proven as a scam but the Police will be notified tomorrow with all the details so will wait and see what happens.

  birdface 00:41 11 Nov 2008

Thanks everyone else for your comments.If this warns just one person from being conned it has been worthwhile posting it.

  spuds 10:46 11 Nov 2008

This is nothing new, and scams in similar vain as this were well publicised a few years ago. One particular nasty incident was with stolen building society drafts, which resulted in previous car owners losing their car and their money.

A number of years ago, I had friends who shipped container loads of Peugeot cars and parts to Pakistan. Their company was an a legit affair, but the offers were always there for a little bit of dishonesty.

  Stuartli 11:07 11 Nov 2008

There's also the scam of firms ringing you up if you advertise a car for sale, claiming they have a buyer in your area and is prepared to pay a little more than the asking price.

Of course you have to pay to "register" with them, but you never hear any more afterwards if you pay.

  birdface 13:41 11 Nov 2008

It might have been the same with my Niece.I am only assuming that they were after the shipment money.But they might have been after the car as well.

  Forum Editor 17:20 11 Nov 2008

and I suppose the answer is not to accept a draft unless it is drawn on a UK-based bank.

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