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  Ventad 09:59 03 Jun 2009

You drive into a supermarket car park plenty of spaces but because you are not interested in parking next to the main door and dont mind a walk you go to the far end of the car park, there are three totally empty lanes so you park in the last one and do your shop. When you come out there are still plenty of parking spaces and the three lanes are still empty apart from your car and the a car parked either side of you. This appears to happen to me on many occasions,could it bethe other drivers cannot see the painted lines and need another car to line up on. It is one of those things that go around in your mind wondering why! is there any thoughts out there on this?

  james55 23:44 03 Jun 2009

Many years ago when I worked constant night shift I would take my better half to the shops in the morning. The shops had a massive Car Park and as I would have a quick shut eye I would park well away from everybody else. When I woke up I would always be surrounded by cars parked next to me. This happened every week without fail. Definitely the herding instinct.

  BT 16:59 04 Jun 2009

After all we've said there were actually fewer cars anywhere near mine when we finished our shopping in Tesco at about midday today

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  Ventad 17:48 04 Jun 2009

I can't wait to see if the same thing happens to me next week, surely these people with the herding instinct are not all reading this forum and learnt a little.

  Brumas 20:19 04 Jun 2009

Must admit, that made me chuckle.:o)

  knockin on 00:45 05 Jun 2009

Yes it's amazing how others will use someone else's vehicle for their own purposes. In my experience it is usually people who seem to park by Braille.

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