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  Ventad 09:59 03 Jun 2009

You drive into a supermarket car park plenty of spaces but because you are not interested in parking next to the main door and dont mind a walk you go to the far end of the car park, there are three totally empty lanes so you park in the last one and do your shop. When you come out there are still plenty of parking spaces and the three lanes are still empty apart from your car and the a car parked either side of you. This appears to happen to me on many occasions,could it bethe other drivers cannot see the painted lines and need another car to line up on. It is one of those things that go around in your mind wondering why! is there any thoughts out there on this?

  Esc4p3 10:41 03 Jun 2009

Lol, it happens to me too. I am quite paranoid about people scratching and denting my car by opening their car doors onto mine. So I park somewhere 'out of the way' but invariably someone will park next to me even when other spaces are available.

The other similar thing is when you are on holiday and you see a nice parking spot to pull over and eat your sandwiches, no-one else there, nice and tranquil. Suddenly half way through your grub, 10 other cars pull up and have a barbeque :-)

  Noldi 12:18 03 Jun 2009

And I thought it was only me it happened to.

I always park away from other cars to avoid parking damage but for sure when you come back you find another car parked right beside mine. Are these people on a wind up or just attracted to parking beside lonely cars.


  Quickbeam 12:18 03 Jun 2009

It doesn't happen on trains either. I think that was why they got rid of the corridor compartment coaches, you could have a train with only standing room left because there was one person already claiming each compartment!

  ened 15:41 03 Jun 2009

I definitely think I have one on my back bumper.

I find this especially annoying because, the last time I was hit from behind, the insurance company refused to repair the car because it cost more than it (the car) was worth.

Despite the fact that I never asked the little boy to attach himself to my back seat, I was the loser!

  tullie 16:07 03 Jun 2009

Theres nothing worse than someone that doesent park within the lines,its stupid and inconsiderate.

  BT 16:45 03 Jun 2009

"room to bump start a 747."
My Misses Kickstarts 'em ;-))

Seriously though, the other thing is when you are in the supermarket carpark with spaces all around you except for the large 4x4's either side of you that weren't there when you arrived, and the space directly infront is empty so that you can drive straight through and not have to reverse out of your space, because the 4x4s are blocking your view. Just as you start your engine someone just has to choose that empty space infront of you despite there being dozens of other spaces to park in! Annoying isn't it?

  Armchair 17:11 03 Jun 2009

That often happens to me! I've had previous cars damaged in car parks before, and I try to be as careful as possible where I park now. I fear fot he safety of my beloved VW when I see some massive over-wide 4 x 4 next to it. Fortunately, my local tesco has one parking spce next to a wind turbine where nobody can park next to you, and I always park there if it's vacant.

People don't care. They really don't anything goes. Slamming doors into your paintwork. Bouncing a shopping trolley off it. It's diabolical.

'Types' I try to avoid parking next to:-

Vans, 4 x 4s.

Old cars in poor condition.

Cars with obvious large scratches (random revenge factor?).

People carriers (probably full of vandalising kids, lol).

Also, whatever car I own now, it must have useful door protectors fitted. So many cars without them now, presumably in the interests of styling.........

  Armchair 17:28 03 Jun 2009

Btw, something I've noticed this week regarding disabled/'parent and child' parking spaces. They're usually the only spaces that offer shade, because they're right next to the supermarket, so your car's interior isn't a super heated sweat box when you return to it.

I might get one of those super creepy ventriloquist's dummies, and cart it around with me from now on, lol.

(Long sighted) Tesco member of staff, "What an adorable child!"

I say, "Gis a gottle o' geer"

(Long sighted) Tesco member of staff, "You're too young for the booze, dear!"

I say, "Gollocks!"

I think i'll shut up now, because as Mainwaring would say, "I'm getting into the realms of fantasy".

  laurie53 19:38 03 Jun 2009

This herd instinct can have even more serious implications.

When I was serving in Germany in the mid 80s an IRA cell was very successfully targeting British Forces Germany (BFG) cars (They were fairly easily recognized, though PIRA did once make a mistake and kill some Australian tourists in a British hire car).

Security advice for supermarket car parks was always to park in a clear and open area away from other vehicles.

Whenever you returned to your vehicle you would always find half a dozen or more BFG cars clustered around your, forming a nice little target, and keeping the one in the middle well shielded from public view!

  Ventad 19:43 03 Jun 2009

Thanks everyone it has been good reading, it appears I am not alone in the world. I was beginning to think that the cars either side were bullying my car whilst I was away but as they are different cars each time I can relax on that point.
I will mark as resolved but feel free to add your thoughts!

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