Car mileage recorders and their reliability.

  bumpkin 19:58 25 Oct 2014

Lent my car to Grand Daughter yesterday who wrote if off (God bless them).

Need a cheap runaround while it is being sorted with insurance company. Local dealer that I know and have dealt with before and trust said he could get a 6yrs old with 9000mls on the clock. If that is the case then I will buy it And she can have it after I have sorted myself a replacement.

To my mind the guy is honest and has a very good reputation and a good web site, but he just buys them in then sells them on. 9000 miles on a 6 year old car just does not ring true that is about 4 miles a day so I wonder has it been tampered with. He has another one a year newer with 39,000 and a bit more expensive but that does seem a more realistic Mileage.

If someone can hack the Pentagon Digital odometers must be childs play.

  wee eddie 20:12 25 Oct 2014

Clocking is a criminal offence. If he has an established business it's unlikely to be worth his while.

Ask him if you can have an AA check done on it

  bumpkin 21:03 25 Oct 2014

Wee eddie and N47. I do not distrust the dealer at all and I will ask him to check the MOTs which I believe he can do easily as he seems to be able check almost anything else when I have asked him. That still does not mean that it had not done 80,000 before the first MOT and then reset hence my question I will ask him to inquire into its history but there can never be an absolute answer with fraudsters around

  bumpkin 22:20 25 Oct 2014

unsure, should be my name at the moment.

  BRYNIT 22:52 25 Oct 2014

It's possible to have a 9 year old car with 9000mls on the clock you may find it was possibly owned by an elderly person. If you look through Autotrader you will find quite a few 9 year old cars with 9000mls or less.

  bumpkin 23:39 25 Oct 2014

Jock1e, I need to replace my own car which she has destroyed. Having no transport at the moment we need something quickly. The one offered would do for now and a reasonable price She does only local journeys as do I most of the time. It is a get out of trouble for the moment situation so that we have transport. My question related to validity of the mileage on used cars. If this is as it seems I will buy it and give it to her if she insures it and then she can have it instead of wrecking mine and demolishing my NCD not first offence:-))

  namtas 23:40 25 Oct 2014

**If you use the Motorway a lot this car is probably not for you.It would be far to sluggish getting up to speed. If only for about the Town etc no problem.**

I am missing the link, why should a car that has covered 9000 miles be obviously sluggish.

  AroundAgain 00:14 26 Oct 2014

Wow! I would have loved to have a Grandfather as generous as yourself, Bumpkin :)

This car could have been owned by an elderly person, as already mentioned, who only went out for a short drive every few Sunday afternoons, when the sun was shining and there was an 'L' in the month, having bought it brand new!

So surely the state of the car seats and pedals would give some indication of the amount of use the car has had? I would expect a car with less than 10,000 miles to have very clean seats, with no signs or wear, especially around the right-hand side edge of the driver's seat.

The rubber on the pedals should also appear to be very little worn down too.

I would also expect the engine itself to be pretty clean at that mileage, but who am I to advise ;) Ha! Ha! I'm a female, now pensioner, but I am pretty logical and I do watch and listen when someone helps me buy a 2nd hand car, in addition to having two brothers and me, having the smaller hands, was the one to be fixing something in the very oily engine (in my youth, of course) !!!

Anyway, that's my tuppence worth ;) Maybe it might help you, Bumpkin

  spuds 00:39 26 Oct 2014

The Mot's or vehicle service history should provide the information you want.

Another way is to do a search on the internet for particular model's that might have speedo problems that require replacements. I have recently been looking at a certain Renault model, and a number of that particular model seems to have a problem requiring speedo replacements after about 30000 miles, but this is usually mentioned in the sale documentation.

If you do decide, you might want to have an HPI check on the vehicle for your own protection. Some dealer's are now providing this service for free to customer's.

  bumpkin 00:52 26 Oct 2014

Thanks spuds I know the guy wont intentionally sell me anything dodgy but he has no real way of really knowing the true mileage.

  BillSers 08:36 26 Oct 2014

I don't have a car nowadays but belong to a car club. If I was buying one I'd make sure it was through an approved dealer as there is some comeback if things go wrong as opposed to a private sale.

When I worked at a garage in my teens I was taught it was easy to under-clock a car's mileage as the cable screwed into the gearbox, although we never did it. It was easily detached and all an unscrupulous dealer had to do was attach the cable to a drill and whizz it until the desired mileage showed.

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