Car insurance quote figures (Baffled)

  Autoschediastic 12:23 03 Jun 2011

Afternoon all, my wife has just looked at for the best quote on a new car and im lost as to where the figures come from?

first car we was intrested in was only £4500 second hand, the above site found the best deal was £787 py around £65 pm for a 1.4cc engine

We have just seen another car the exact same from another dealer but £1500 cheaper cause its 2 years older and the best deal found was £1300? its the same size engine the same car with no modifications the same details inputted but the car that has a quote of £1300 is much cheaper then the first car.? so how is it that they can charge £500 less for a more expensive car? are the prices just made up? both the quotes was done within 24 hours of each other.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:32 03 Jun 2011

Well they do keep saying insurance costs have risen by 37% :0)

  birdface 12:41 03 Jun 2011

Shop around till you find the cheapest price.

Since quite a few Insurance Companys are being looked into for price fixing it will pay you to shop around.

Have you tried this text

My van insurance is due shortly and I will go through them all to find the cheapest.

You can get a quote from your own insurance company and shopping around you can sometimes get it about 30% cheaper with the same company.

  Colin 12:52 03 Jun 2011

If it's exactly the same car apart from its age and mileage then there is probably a glitch in their system.

  Autoschediastic 12:56 03 Jun 2011

Thankyou gents

it is the exact car but the older one that is £1500 cheaper is £500 more to insure?

buteman thanks for the link il do it now!

  Autoschediastic 13:23 03 Jun 2011

buteman gave me the same quotes lol

  spuds 13:35 03 Jun 2011

I use all the 'compare' websites for vehicle insurance nowadays. Even the same insurance company can provide different quotes for the same policy and conditions, depending where you check.

Last year I had a renewal notice, and checking a 'compare' website, found a quote from the same insurance company cheaper. Phoned the insurance company up, and they price matched instantly. They have now retained my business for another year.

I pity some of the younger generation who have 'bangers' which they cannot insure. One particular incident the other day in a newspaper. Standard small first time car for an 19 year old, that he paid £300 for, and the on-line quote was £27.000.00.

  canarieslover 15:15 03 Jun 2011

Use the 'compare' websites by all means but go directly to the companies that show up as cheap and you will probably find that you get an even better deal. I have done this for my wife and son and saved £30 & £70 respectively by going direct. The compare companies must be earning their money from somewhere, they can't run for free!!

  oresome 16:09 03 Jun 2011

Your wife may become a little more carefree driving the older car and crash into something expensive!

  oresome 16:20 03 Jun 2011

I queried with one company why their quote changed by a few pounds everytime I re-entered my details.

The advisor told me that their prices changed by the minute as they passed on much of the risk to the wholesale insurance market which operated much like the stock exchange with continual price movements up and down.

  spuds 16:41 03 Jun 2011


I think that you will find that the 'compare' websites charge the insurance companies fees for advertising and administration. When I made a claim about three years ago, the claims line was initially diverted to a company called BSL in Peterborough, then eventually re-diverted to the actual insurance company. It would appear that BSL were the actual 'compare' company!.

At the same time, it would appear that extra documention etc charges or fees are not necessarily those of the original insurance company, but I could be wrong?.

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