Car insurance query

  VNAM75 23:47 24 May 2010

Back in november 2009 my car was stolen. A few days later it was recovered, abandoned and was later deemed a write off. Insurance company paid me market value of the car and I got 2 years deducted off my max no claims bonus.

A few days ago (6 months later from incident) I got a letter from my insurance co. saying someone is making a claim against me (my policy) because my car had hit and damaged a parked vehicle 6 months ago! This was on the same street and day it was discovered abandoned 6 months ago.

Insurance co. are saying it could go down as a fault claim because it was my car that had caused the damage even though it wasn't me who was driving it. Therefore, I could lose a further 2 years no claims bonus.

So who is legally liable in this situation where an uninsured driver of my car (the car thief) damages another car? Surely my insurance company won't pay for the third party's repairs? He is the victim of an insured driver and should be claiming through his own policy. My insur co. say they are looking into it but the guy I spoke to doesn't give me much confidence.

  BRYNIT 01:09 25 May 2010

By the looks of it you are responsible.

This may give you a little information look towards the bottom click here

Something to read from 2008 click here

  VNAM75 01:31 25 May 2010

"He is the victim of an insured driver"

should be "uninsured"

  VNAM75 01:37 25 May 2010

BRYNIT, thanks for the links.

I think you may be right:

"Usually the insurer for the car will be responsible for handling the claim against the car thief"

  morddwyd 06:57 25 May 2010

I thought the insurance business had a scheme for recompensing those who have been hit by uninsured drivers?

  natdoor 09:05 25 May 2010

I am surprised that it took so long for news of the claim to reach . It is very straightforward to locate owners and their insurance companies these days. I hope that you have checked the evidence that your car was involved in a crash with a parked car. It is just possible that this is some insurance scam. There are apparently numerous staged accidents these days and false claims

  jack 09:42 25 May 2010

Independent inquiry lines in the same insurance office.
The write off department having acted promptly and the other taking its time through work load perhaps-.
Simplyl bounce both back to the company with cross referencing.
I do not think you can be penalized twice for the same incident- you got your payout for the write off and have been downgraded NCB wise - end of story.
The other claim must go through the 'Unknown/uninsured driver set up

  spuds 20:43 25 May 2010

The problem nowadays seems to be the involvement of different departments instead of one department or person dealing with the matter.

I had a minor knock last years as I and a number of other vehicles were coming out of a supermarket car-park. Thought wise and reported the incident. Long story, but it resulted in the car being 'catorgorised', and I purchased the vehicle back. With that little episode, I dealt with 'the easy claims line' (twice), a payer-out and a payer-in plus a vehicle assessor.

Insurance companies do have a scheme for 'uninsured driver' incidents, but sometimes it can be a problem as to who was driving at the time,plus a number of other factors, so any claims might take a turn of events. Personally I always pay the extra few bob and have a NCD protection plus Legal added on the policy.

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