Car Insurance Groups

  pj123 12:50 21 Apr 2007

What is the criteria that determines a car insurance group?

I have two cars: a 1994 Toyota 1.3 5 door liftback, Insurance group 9 and a

1999 Daewoo 1.6 5 door hatchback automatic, Insurance group 6

Just seems strange to me that the 1.3 Toyota is in a higher group than a 1.6 Daewoo automatic?

  spuds 13:18 21 Apr 2007

Various criteria come into the equations provided by insurance companies.

Accident Impact, Parts replacements,Repair methods and cost, Availability , Purchase price and manufacturer's reliability are to name a few within the criteria for insurance grouping.

Still doesn't always mean that you will get cheaper insurance, so best to shop around for the best offer available. Price matching, cash-backs, monthly instalment plans can make a big difference to the final quote and deal.

  johndrew 14:23 21 Apr 2007

This may give you a clue click here or maybe this click here but I make no promises. Insurance is a black art!!!!!

  pj123 15:16 21 Apr 2007

Just got the renewal offer for my Daewoo yesterday.

It is Full Comp Any Driver.

I am in the RAC so gave them a ring. They don't do Any Driver. Rang my bank and same cover Fully Comp Any Driver quoted £118 less than my renewal offer. To me, that seems to put the Insurance Group criteria out of sync.

I have held a full driving licence since 1962, never had an accident or made a claim. My No Claims Discount is maximum. Maybe that is part of the criteria as well?

  spuds 15:44 21 Apr 2007


If your bank is Barclays, then you may have just missed out on their £50.00 cash-back and price match offer. If so, your £118.00 renewal quote would have perhaps been £68.00 fully comprehensive with an £80.00 excess.

Regarding the 'No Claims maximum discount', this can differ between insurance companies.

  johndrew 16:28 21 Apr 2007

`Just got the renewal offer ....`

I did say it was a `black art`!!

  pj123 16:40 21 Apr 2007

johndrew, yes you did! And I believe you.

I did read your links.

My renewal was for £326 and the quote from my bank (Lloyds TSB) was £208. Same car, same cover, but different insurance company.

So, the criteria goes out of the window. I think it is down to getting more customers.

Maybe I'll find out why the difference if I ever have to make a claim.

They do say "you get what you pay for"????

  Colin 18:31 21 Apr 2007

The criteria doesn't go out of the window. spuds posting is still correct as the criteria mentioned will always be used as a baseline to determine a premium. After that, it's up to the indsurance company to add on what they think is acceptable.

  Pamy 20:03 21 Apr 2007

pj123, I think both your quotes are far too much and would try a local broker if I were you

  johndrew 09:59 22 Apr 2007

A well known ploy these days is to `catch` you with a low offer price in the first year and to `sting` you subsequently. This seems to be where the `guarantee` to beat you quote comes from. This is also one reason I use a broker; if the price goes up I get alternatives offered.

  hastelloy 11:06 22 Apr 2007

click here,
it's surprising what a range of quotes you get!!

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