Car insurance BAH!

  colberly 13:19 31 May 2010

Several months ago my OH had an accident in his car, someone ran into the back of him at a stop light. He did everything by the book, car was taken to designated garage and after being assessed by insurance assessor the verdict was 'uneconomical to repair' So he collected it himself with permission from insurance, brought it home and had it repaired by a local car repair garage who actually does many insurance repairs of this nature. His road tax is due and to date no notification received as is normal from DVLA so he contacted them and it turns out this insurance assessor had notified them that his car is a write off. It certainly isn't and is as good as new,he also had a long chat with brokers who said all was well,liability accepted by other drivers insurance and full claim received after 3 months hassle with my OH own insurance who never kept us informed of anything, more information and help was given by the other drivers insurance company. Luckily following advice from DVLA he has managed to renew his road tax but has now to let VOSA know that the car is roadworthy and not a write off, he has been trying to contact them for several days with no joy. The insurance he is with has been less than helpful all this time and the assessor has in fact been very rude over the phone. Guess who will be changing insurance providers ASAP. AVIVA, bah humbug.

  the hick 13:55 31 May 2010

Doesn't a matter like this depend on which category of write-off it was? In addition if it is still classed as a write-off, I am rather surprised DVLA issued a new tax disc for it.

  colberly 14:45 31 May 2010

He was informed by the insurance assessor that it was uneconomical for them to repair and if he wished could collect it and either trade it in under the then scrappage scheme or take it and have it repaired himself which he chose to do, so it was actually not a write off. We weren't informed that they had in fact contacted DVLA, it was a complete surprise when my OH phoned to check on his Tax notification form. If it had been a more expensive car and not a little S reg Suzuki they would probably have repaired it.

  morddwyd 20:12 31 May 2010

As always, you never know how good your insurance company is, car or anything else, until you make a claim.

  bremner 20:36 31 May 2010
  spuds 22:06 31 May 2010

Having just been through a similar scenario, its all about money. Its far easier nowadays for an insurance company to 'write-off' an older car, especially since the government have stressed that they want older polluting vehicles off the roads, hence the introduction of the previous scrappage scheme.

With reference to the vehicle check for possible cloning, this is a nonsense, because a VOSA inspector does nothing more, even less than what an MOT station can do. If the vehicle is untaxed, then it would need to be delivered to the selected VOSA station on a trailer or recovery vehicle at perhaps £1.00 plus a mile. The VOSA fee I believe is £60.00, were a local MOT station might only charge £26.00.VOSA stations use to be in most major towns, but now there are fewer spread around the country since re-organisation.

Another point worth remembering is the category the assessor gives. Most likely it will be a 'C' for virtually no damage, but this is still classed as a write-off. If the assessor gave a category 'D' or 'E' (not sure which now), then it would not require a VOSA check. Try telling that to an insurance company, they will no doubt insist that you obtain an independent accessors report at your own expense,before considering a change of category (very unlikely), so you are in a no win situation.

A further point to consider, is the fact of payment. If the insurance company have 'paid-out', then the vehicle actually belongs to the insurance company, unless there is an agreement to 'buy-back'.

The insurance company dealt with my vehicle accident report within a week, including my 'buy-back'. The reason why I said 'report', because that what it was originally, but the insurance company moved with extreme speed. I wanted to protect myself from any claims from the other driver.

  colberly 08:19 01 Jun 2010

Insurance companies may have to inform VOSA by law but we weren't informed of this at all. Luckily my OH has every phone call documented and a record of all that was said. He is off to sort things out today, oh and the car is running like a dream and looks new. The other drivers insurance paid out with not a problem and gave him more help than his own insurance did.

  Chegs ®™ 09:09 01 Jun 2010

I had my car destroyed in an RTA a month ago.The other guys insurance company bent over backwards to assist me,whereas my own insurance company operates through a call centre and trying to get my insurance company to understand that I was totally free of blame for the collision proved to be hard work.

  colberly 18:13 01 Jun 2010

Phew it's all sorted now and hopefully no further problems. Car has actually got a current MOT, the other drivers insurance company accepted responibility at the time of the accident, it is they who were more than helpful certainly not my OH's insurance who appeared to put every obstacle they could think of in our way,there really shouldn't have been a problem in the first place.

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