Car hit by stone....

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:13 13 Apr 2010
  sunnystaines 09:31 13 Apr 2010

what worries me is dumper trucks they often have bricks or lumps of rubble lodged between the tyres, i sure one day one will fly out and hit the car following. when i see this i slow down and let other traffic get between me and the dumper truck.

  skeletal 10:01 13 Apr 2010

Insecure loads do worry me a bit. In my time:

I followed a Land Rover towing a trailer holding a cement mixer. It turned a corner; I followed, to be confronted by the cement mixer in the middle of the road;
Walking along the pavement near where I live, I flatbed van passed by and several pieces of timber flew off hitting me and a woman walking just in front of me;
Driving on a fast road through Devon a car some distance away lost its roof rack which dumped itself in the middle of said road;
Following a van, its back doors flew open to reveal all manner of stuff lying loose in the back. I tried all sorts of maneuverers and flashing of lights to warn the driver, but he ignored me totally;
Far too many minor instances of bits of wood/stones/rope/etc etc flying off the back of skip lorries;
And let’s not forget the menace of drivers chucking out lighted fag ends to land nicely on a passing motorcyclist. I’ve been lucky on such occasions that the butt has missed me.


  michaelw 10:50 13 Apr 2010

I wondered if that fixed the Toyota's faulty braking system.

  peter99co 11:29 13 Apr 2010

I went out on Friday and heard sharp hits of small stones on the windsreen three times during a 60 mile trip.

Normally I may hear this only once in a six month period.

The biggest shock a couple of years ago was a Pidgeon flying right to left across the road which hit the screen and left bits on the caravan I was towing. Luckily I was only moving at about 50 mph on contact.

  Chegs ®™ 11:34 14 Apr 2010

dumper trucks they often have bricks or lumps of rubble lodged between the tyres,

I was very lucky to have not been injured (or killed) by a large rock that was flung out from between the rear tyres of a truck,it left a huge dent in the bonnet & the roof of my car before bouncing off the bonnet of the car behind and smashing through its windscreen.

  ronalddonald 23:05 14 Apr 2010

About 5 years ago i came upto a roundabout, it had been raining and truck one of those builder trucks where they keep stuff in the open boot came round too fast and his load of wood came crashing down and flying all of the place.

The car didn't get damaged i was lucky the wood hit the floor and spread out. Jumped out and helped thd river of the truck put the pieces of wood back into his truck and carried on with my journey.

This is not as bad as having a boulder smash into a car

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