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Car electrics anyone?

  dagbladet 09:55 10 Jul 2007

On impulse i've just bought a fag lighter 3 socket adapter at Aldi. Like all impulse buys I haven't really thought through what i'm going to do with it yet. An example might be, running the sat-nav, whilst charging my phone, whilst the little fella plays his game-boy. Now i've never really understood Amps, Ohms, Volts etc.

Do any techie types have any idea how much power these things can provide before the headlights go out or I blow all my electrics?

  dagbladet 11:31 12 Jul 2007

Apologies all, been off all weekend.

So if I understand it correctly, my hypothetical satnav+gameboy+phone shouldn't overload the circuit, if it does the 3 way adapter fuse should protect the circuit fuse, If that fails the fag lighter circuit fuse should protect the car electrics, if that fails I should stop finding things to do with impulse buys that I maybe didn't need in the first place?

  spuds 11:36 12 Jul 2007

Correct :O)

  laurie53 19:29 12 Jul 2007

What peculiar weekends you have, to be sure!

  dagbladet 23:45 12 Jul 2007

I was.

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