car documents

  ronalddonald 17:54 11 Mar 2010

sorry to ask this question do forum members carry their car documents with them when they drive their vehicle. Is it compulsory to do so.
I myself don't apart from my photo driving license. Just wondering is their a law in place saying its compulsory.

  wiz-king 17:58 11 Mar 2010

I have the tax disc attached to the windsceeen and my driving licence in my pocket. Thats all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 11 Mar 2010

Never carry documents except when working abroad.

If stopped for an offence, in this country, you will be asked to produce within 7 days to a police station of your choice.

  bremner 18:21 11 Mar 2010

That does not occur as often as it used to because Driving Licence, MOT and Insurance details are in the main held on the Police National Computer.

  peter99co 18:23 11 Mar 2010

It is best not to carry any documents in the car in case it (the car) is stolen.

A card with your insurance policy number and company is a good idea in case of accident.

Plus. A blood doner/organ card if you think you would like to contribute as a last resort.

  john bunyan 18:25 11 Mar 2010

of my insurance, just in case of an accident.I keep the original safe at home. Also if you may need to hire a vehicle, it is handy, if you have a plastic photo driving licence, to have a copy of the paper annex which shows your (hopefully lack of) endorsements.

  MAJ 19:20 11 Mar 2010

I think it's illegal to carry the tax book in the car, but OK for other documents. I carry just my driving licence, which is in two (compulsary) parts (as described by john bunyan), a plastic photo part and a paper endorsement part.

  karmgord 19:34 11 Mar 2010

Only the road fund license (tax disc) has to be displayed in the windscreen,no other documents are required to be in the vehicle,but to avoid hassle carry any seatbelt exemption with you if you have one.

  bremner 19:39 11 Mar 2010

"I think it's illegal to carry the tax book"

No it is not

  feb 19:44 11 Mar 2010

The law states that you must provide your vehicle documents when asked to do so, in practise you will normally be allowed 7 days to produce them at a Police station of your choice.
If it is thought that your vehicle is not legal in some way, it can be impounded until you produce the relevant documents and you will have to pay to get the vehicle released.
Photocopies will not suffice, they must be the original document.
If the vehicle is stolen and the documents are inside, new documents can be obtained.
The log book is not proof of ownership, only of registration.
Having said that, now everything is computerised it should be easy for the police to check your vehicles details at the roadside or even when travelling using the ANPR system.
But as we know, things sometimes go wrong and if you were on a 3 week holiday without your documents, you would have to return home to get them!
Also, I think if you are travelling in a country outside of Gt Britain, don't you have to have your documents in the car?

  robgf 19:51 11 Mar 2010

I carry my car insurance documents on long journeys, as I was stopped at a roadside trap and had my car towed (with threats of it being crushed), because the police database was incorrect.
Fortunately I wasn't too far from home. I had to pay the fine and storage charge to get my car back. And it took months to get reimbursed.

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