car central locking

  tonyq 16:57 17 Nov 2011

Hi all, I have a 2008 Nissan Note car,as of late I have only been able to open/close the car doors with the central locking key when I am stood next to the car doors, whereas I use to be able to lock/unlock the doors from quite a distance away. At first I thought the key may need a new battery,I have tried 2 different new batteries to no avail. Advice please as to what the problem may be.

  birdface 17:04 17 Nov 2011

Try turning the key in the ignition until it it all lights up but dont switch the engine on. and then press the door lock while it is in the ignition.

See if that helps.

  birdface 17:07 17 Nov 2011

Some more to have a look at while you are waiting for advice.

  birdface 17:08 17 Nov 2011

That did not work just copy and paste car central locking into search forums on top left of page.

  al's left peg 18:25 17 Nov 2011

it may be that ECU on the car might need resetting or testing. What you could do is walk about ten feet away from the car and press your remote. If it does not activate the central locking, place the remote against your forehead and try pushing the button again. I don't know the science behind it but it amplifies the signal ( honestly i am not winding you up) If this does not activate it, there is a possibility that either the sender or receiver unit is faulty. This will show up though on a diagnostic check on the car. I would advise you go to a local auto electrician for this, as Nissan will charge a fortune if these components need replacing. I believe that most of the electrics are probably shared with Renault and these are well known for developing faults.

  Aitchbee 20:21 17 Nov 2011

I'm a bit off the subject here.

My first car, was a second-hand Berlinetta Opel Manta, 1981. I fitted an alarm system to it, along with wheel-nut locks, and the whole security system cost me 25 pounds.I bought the car for 800 pounds in 1986, and got about 5 years usage, before it went to the scrap yard.

  tonyq 20:23 17 Nov 2011

buteman and al's left peg,

thank you for the replys, I will try your suggestions tomorrow or Saturday then if no success will try to find a auto electrician.

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