Car breakdown service - any recommendations?

  robertm7 14:05 27 Apr 2018

Hello guys, this is the time of the year when I need to have my car insurance renewed. I have a car breakdown cover for a decent price £16.45 a month (Toyota Yaris 2017). I got it from click here am happy with their service but I was thinking maybe there are some other car insurance companies you recommend from your experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 27 Apr 2018

Surprised you had to pay - my new Yaris had 12 months free breakdown cover last year.

However I've been with the AA for years with no complaints.

  Pine Man 14:45 27 Apr 2018

You say you are happy with their service but, with a car that's less than two years old, have you ever used it?

If you have used it, and you are pleased, you'd need to be very, very pleased to stay with them because, at about £200 a year, it seems extremely expensive to me. I have just checked out two major companies, AA & RAC and both are cheaper. Green Flag are probably even cheaper.

  mikef. 15:41 27 Apr 2018

Toyota's own breakdown cover is £7 a month using the AA

  BT 17:34 27 Apr 2018

I get a Breakdown Service included with my annual service from my Nissan dealer

  BT 17:37 27 Apr 2018

Green Flag are probably even cheaper.

You usually get a very good deal for the first year from most of them, then it will go sky high the following year. Probably worth swapping regularly.

  bumpkin 20:49 27 Apr 2018

RAC for me or one included with your insurance, you are paying too much. RAC costs me £116 for roadside help or recovery.

  bumpkin 21:16 27 Apr 2018

Be careful of anything too cheap as part of your insurance though. My car broke down about 80 miles from home and the AA attended but only to take it to the nearest garage. It was late on a Friday night so everywhere was closed and they had to take us home. Driver said if I called Monday they would then take it to the nearest garage from my home. I was lucky, had it been another weekday I could have it taken a few miles to an unknown garage and left to get my family home myself having no idea of the repair costs and having to return to collect it. Cheap,yes but now I take out separate breakdown cover.

  hastelloy 09:57 28 Apr 2018

I have been using Auto Aid for several years. I have used them 4 times and had excellent service every time. My last renewal was £43 for the YEAR.

  Menzie 18:46 29 Apr 2018

I cannot comment on the British services ditectly as I am in Canada and didn't drive when I was back in the UK.

My advice however is it might be worth going with separate breakdown cover from the manufacturer directly or a company like the AA.

Many breakdown cover places offer extra incentives with their memberships such as discounts at restaurants and hotels, and the price is pretty reasonable.

  rickf 19:32 29 Apr 2018

With Green Flag and I pay£54.88 p/a. Have 4years discount. Used them once only.

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