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Car battery charger for stop start

  john bunyan 11:40 04 May 2020

At lockdown I was 3/4 through a IAM Roadsmart advanced driving course. Courses and tests are suspended at the moment. I received an e mail about folk who are not using cars for a prolonged period. Diesels are not recommended to have only a short trip. Also , I hadn’t realised that stop start batteries should NOT be charged with a bog standard charger, for a host of reasons. I have now bought such a charger- in my case a CTEK (other makes available!) Cost delivered was £84.99. You can get one for around £75 . Amazing how much smaller to is than my old Halfords one. It does work on normal 12v batteries as well. No mention of this in my car’s manual


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:15 04 May 2020

Yes AGM or EFB battery you will need a smart charger these types of battery are fitted to stop start cars.

My car keeps sending me notifications that the battery is running low, this is due to the fact my wife is only doing short journeys to the shops for variuos people. I drove the car to my mothers to take shopping on Friday less than amile but too heavy to carry. First time I driven in 6 weeks.

  john bunyan 13:29 04 May 2020


I didn’t see that in car manual and wondered if it’s widely known?

  Gordon Freeman 13:37 04 May 2020

My car keeps sending me notifications that the battery is running low

My 3 series is doing similar ("increased battery discharge"). Like most, I'm only doing a few miles, and even then it's not every day. It needs a good run, but not likely to get one in the very near future I guess.

  john bunyan 13:54 04 May 2020

I’ve put our Mazda CX-5 on charge with new charger and it is doing its thing. Wife in shielded group and getting ASDA home delivery so only been out for a blood test once in 7 weeks;

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:31 04 May 2020

I didn't know til recently - previous car was a start stop (hated it) only had for two years and luckily never needed to charge.

With my old cars I always used to disconnect the battery from the car before charging. Looking at various advice on web and not sure if it's needed. I have a couple of very old battery chargers (one I built myself to get more amps). That was in the days of checking and topping up battery levels. Modern batteries are Maintenance Free (Gel) and sealed for life and probably not even Lead Acid :0)

  Pine Man 14:48 04 May 2020

My cars battery is 400 volts and plugged into the charger all the time :-))

  hastelloy 16:54 04 May 2020

JB many thanks for the post - I didn't know this and have just ordered a new charger.

  Quickbeam 18:53 04 May 2020

"Cost delivered was £84.99. You can get one for around £75"

Cheaper to just drive around for an hour!

  john bunyan 20:38 04 May 2020


Locked down! Car not in use so battery should be kept up . Gordon Ramsay got warned for driving too far. Did you know about this or does your bike have a stop start battery?

  Quickbeam 05:19 06 May 2020

You can go for a moderate run in the car.

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