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Captain Tom might have to start walking again!!

  Pine Man 14:16 09 May 2020

He might have raised over £30 million for the NHS but they are doing their level best to waste it!

Reports in todays media show that the NHS paid 3.8 million to a Swiss firm to develop their new track & trace app.

Reports also indicate that the app hasn't turned out quite as well as they expected and they might well turn to an alternative app that ALREADY EXISTED!!

  Al94 19:35 09 May 2020

The money goes to NHS Charities, not NHS

  HondaMan 12:37 10 May 2020

I'm not sure I would want it even if it were perfect. In similar vein, I avoid any DNA services, e.g. that advertised by Ancestry,. I do not want my DNA profile out there for all to see. Call me paranoid if you like, but ANYTHING on the record, no matter whose record, may be available to those you would rather not have access to it

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