Cap on benefits for children

  Strawballs 13:33 25 Oct 2012

It is rare I agree with the Tories but I do on this one If I had gone to my boss and said I need a pay rise because we are having another child he would have just said you should have thought if you could afford it first.

Benefit cap

  carver 09:45 28 Oct 2012

fourm member I could give you link after link and if you were prepared to do the same then you would find the same thing, but small extract from Swindon Council.

"However, last year the Council let only 104 one bedroom properties, and some of those were bedsits suitable only for single people. At that rate it would take over 37 years to provide all these people with tenancies (in the unlikely event that there was no increase in the numbers on the waiting list)"

And if you could be bothered to go into the Governments figures on how much they will save it is based on the fact that hardly any one will be able to move to a smaller property.

  carver 14:58 28 Oct 2012

fourm member unless you have been living in a cave these past few years then you will notice that a man now has to work until 66 and a woman till 65, now that I would class as not being in first burst of youth.

So you could have a couple in their late 50's early 60's in a 2 bedroom house being told they either move or lose money.

Would you like me to give a link so you can check that this is correct government policy.

Unless your theory of what old age starts at, to most peoples I would believe that 60 could be classed as old.

  Graham* 15:29 28 Oct 2012

If you think I'm moving from my 3 bed detached into a single bedsit........

  carver 16:25 28 Oct 2012

fourm member you are old, you may have 20 years of life left if you are lucky, I am in the same age group as you and I am old so stop being pompous, ask any person under the age of 30 at when old age starts and they will say before 60.

You like links so here enter link description here

Another one enter link description here

  Forum Editor 16:39 28 Oct 2012


"you are old, you may have 20 years of life left if you are lucky, I am in the same age group as you and I am old so stop being pompous,"

This isn't my argument - the two of you seem to be making a pretty good job of it without my help - but I must take issue with you on that point. You may describe yourself as 'old' because you're in your early sixties, but that must be because you're living on a different planet to me. People in their sixties nowadays tend to be active, working, healthy members of society, regardless of what youngsters might say. People under the age of thirty might call you old, but they're seeing you from the perspective of youth.

Of course, if you act as if you're old....

  Joseph Kerr 01:34 29 Oct 2012

I think punishing innocent children under the pretext of saving money is a tremendous idea and no mistake.

  Condom 07:15 29 Oct 2012

Everyone is different and so it is impossible to tar everyone with the same brush. I'm 67 next month and I can still do my 20 miles everyday despite my knee beginning to hurt. I also know 50 year olds who can hardly walk 100 yards. I thought we were supposed to have a minister who was so keen on getting things right that he seemingly refused to move during the last reshuffle. He is working on a whole new system and this to my mind is just tinkering round the edges for little financial reward.

Any reporter worth his salt can easily come up with a story about people who abuse the system and so there is nothing new there. Just the same old way of getting a bit of good publicity during bad times as the party in power know too well that system abuse gets up people's noses.

There are surely other places where huge savings could be made without attempting to hit children who are the lifeblood of this country. We are spending huge amounts on building aircraft carriers which to be perfectly honest are just huge sitting targets as we just don't have the necessary backup to protect them in an open ocean. We are doing the same with Trident submarines when the weapons could just as easily be launched from the ground. If we are attacked then we have as much time to launch retaliation from the ground as we would have to sent the appropriate signal to a submerged submarine. I assume of course that we don't need thinking time as all that has already been thought through.

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