Can't believe this is a 'game' for young children

  Brumas 21:36 03 Dec 2015

Young children growing up are naturally inquisitive, impressionable and eager to know what is going on around them and in this they are like sponges, absorbing everything what is happening around them. By being caring parents we endeavour to teach them, by example, what is right or wrong, what is acceptable behaviour and try not to expose them to, what we feel is inappropriate,

Am I then a prig, an old fuddy duddy when I say I find this ‘game’ for young children disgusting? Sorry if I am coming on a little strong but I do find it rather offensive and something I would not like my little grandsons to encounter!

click here

  lotvic 22:01 03 Dec 2015

That's gross, Yuk

  Nontek 22:09 03 Dec 2015


Totally agree!

  Al94 22:27 03 Dec 2015

I think it would appeal to a childish sense of humour and appears to send out a positive message about hand washing.

I remember despairing about games my son played on the PC when he was young, he is now a well rounded 28 year old and it did him no apparent harm!

  Brumas 22:47 03 Dec 2015

Al94, yes, but putting imitation 'poop' on your head???

Just imagine little Freddy toddling in the garden coming across what the family pet had left on the grass!?

  AroundAgain 00:23 04 Dec 2015

I agree that this would seem to be most inappropriate for children, or anyone else for that matter, to think it was fun to be putting 'poop' on another's head, even if in the game it is presumably plastic.

I appreciate they are trying to get a message across re washing hands but there has to be better ways of doing it.

A definite 'Thumbs down' from me!

  Belatucadrus 01:14 04 Dec 2015

That's nothing check out the :

href Time Fun Shapes

Why spend money on Plasticine or Play-Doh when you can shove a plastic tube up your child's rectum and use s##t.

Fortunately no longer available.

  Belatucadrus 01:17 04 Dec 2015

Odd the image worked in preview

Click here

  Forum Editor 08:18 04 Dec 2015

Young children - boys in particular - are obsessed with biological functions. Listen to any group of four-year-olds playing together and you will eventually hear 'poo' 'wee' 'willy' and 'bum' followed by fits of giggling. It is all a normal phase of their development, and will eventually pass, as all childhood phases do.

If parents don't want their children to play with these games they won't buy them.

  Teabag. 08:55 04 Dec 2015

It does say on the box age 6 upwards. So maybe not for toddlers. Who remembers the fake dog/human poo from the seaside joke shops of the 60's. Hilarious pranks when you were young.

Would I buy a box, no.

  Forum Editor 09:06 04 Dec 2015

"Who remembers the fake dog/human poo from the seaside joke shops of the 60's."

Still available today. A minute on Google will show you that you can buy fake dog and human poo from dozens of suppliers.

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