This can't be true, can it?

  pj123 17:24 30 May 2006

My Epson R200 has packed up. Just trying a quick look on eBay for a replacement. Just noticed a seller offering a link to a URL for the SSC thingy which is a free download. Wants £1.99 "Buy Now". How do you justify £1.99 for a free download? Do people actually pay for this?

I have actually bought an R220 locally now, being delivered to me at 18:30 tonight, £69.

  Forum Editor 18:05 30 May 2006

all the time - hundreds of times a week.

  pj123 18:39 30 May 2006

FE, I guess there will always be gullible people.

Just found this:

"Epson reset utilities on eBay

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Write a guideTags: Inkjet Printers | Epson | reset utility | service

This guide is intended for anyone who has looked at or who is considering paying for eBay items that indicate that they will fix your printer when it stops working (usually reporting it reqiures a service)

It's already free??!
First thing you need to know is that in 99% of cases the eBay listing is actually selling you something that is already FREE but because the main site is not particularly well publicised you need to know some keywords to find it on google. Those keywords are:
- SSC, epson, printer

That will help you find a site in Russian that will provide you with the utility. Or of course you can pay between £1 and £4 on eBay for the same thing as a download link or a CD. It's perfectly legal but why pay someone for it?

Whoops we forgot to mention the smallprint
Secondly, many of these utilities are NOT the "cure-all" healer of ill, disabled or malformed printers... Many of the eBay listings will use quotes like:

"Will fix 99% of all your Epson printer problems"
"Get your printer working again without a service"
"...utility allows you to do many amazing things with your Epson printer"

It's true that a program will be required to reset the printer for use but what the eBay seller will conveniently forget to mention is that your printer will be an ink time-bomb waiting to leak everywhere and eventually kill your printer as it drowns in waste ink.

The magic fix is the "Printer parts have come to the end of their life. Service required" which is usually when the waste ink blotting pad in the bottom of your Epson printer becomes completely saturated with ink and requires replacement. What you must realise is that:

The pad still needs replacing even if you can reset it
The utility will not reset all printers (Many are not fully compatible)
If you don't replace the waste ink pad or find another way to redirect waste ink flow (search on google for "external waste ink mod R300") ink will eventially overflow all over your desk, carpet, etc..

Many of the newer printers will not actually reset at all because the SSC utility is unable to send the right information (this is particularly true of the C64/84/66/86 and D68/88 printers)

The SSC utility also has a slew of other potential features (again not available for all printers) but you need to know what you're doing to use them.. There are countless users who have complained that features did unexpected things and resulted in dead printers and because it's not an official utility (you can't get the official ones unless you're an accredited service technician) you don't have any comeback.

IMPORTANT: I've generalised in this guide as there are different utilities available on the net but almost all of the Quick fix reset utilities/programs on eBay seem to be the SSC utility. Also, the coders responsible for SSC offer very useful assistance for printer users who take the time to read the smallprint but you are always responsible for using it. EBay hawkers don't make all the information available so don't blame SSC for those looking to make a profit.

So, buyer beware.."

I have SSC on my computer but it didn't fix my R200 problem, which is why I decided to buy another printer.

  ade.h 18:53 30 May 2006

Something about a fool and his money....

  jack 19:40 30 May 2006

Pity you have ordered yours PJ
Epson do a replacement service for £45 inc delivery and l year warranty. So far I am on my 3rd R300- absolutely no quibble -
send 'em an Email and arrangements are made then and then for AmEx to do a swap next day.
I covered this last year about this time too.

  pj123 22:03 30 May 2006

jack, beginning to believe you. Have installed the R220 and done a few test prints. Comparing them with prints from my R200 they are awful.

Can't seem to get this R220 to print borderless unless I use the Epson Easy Photo Print, whereas the R200 printed borderless with whatever program I used. I have Epson Photoquicker 3.5 which worked perfectly with my R200 and still does with my Epson 895. But it doesn't work with the R220. I think I made a mistake and should have gone for the R300.

Can't win them all.

  Totally-braindead 23:29 30 May 2006

I've seen lots of programs for sale from time to time on Ebay for programs that are either free or shareware. People must be daft enough to buy them or they wouldn't bother selling them.

I personally think the problem is that people don't research what they are buying, as an example, a person from time to time sells JR sunglasses, no need to explain any more but they retail at £15. People bid on them and he usually gets between £20 and I even saw one that went to £35. I was interested at the time so checked on the net to see how much they cost obviously the people who bid on these items did not.

Its the same to a certain degree with the program you mention. If someone saw the ad and thought it sounded like the thing he wanted and didn't do a web search to discover it was actually free then as far as I'm concerned he/she has got what they deserve. If you can't do a bit of research before bidding so that you at least know what the proper retail price of an item is before bidding then in my opinion you are an idiot.

Anyone want to buy a copy of AVG free only £2.99 including postage and as a special offer I will also include a copy of Zone Alarm firewall. Postage only 99p.

  Pamy 08:16 31 May 2006

I want a working copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0.7.

I have downloaded the free one from Adobe many times and it will not install. Data 1 currupt or missing . Will wait untill available on Magazne cover.

I think that is why people buy the free ones on disk from Ebay.

  pj123 13:25 01 Jun 2006

Epson Photo R220, definitely a big mistake.

It was delivered just after 18:30 on Tuesday 30th May.

Installed and run a few test prints using the supplied Epson Ink cartridges. As my response above Photo Quality not very good.

Now, today tried to print a few letters (mail merge to my Lottery Syndicate members) and the black is not printing. Had to do a clean which appeared to have sorted it. But after 9 out of 20 letters the black has gone again. Another clean and all OK again. But my waste ink pads seem to be saturated already???

  jack 14:52 01 Jun 2006

If the machine is that bad this early in the proceeding , then here is the opportunity to send it back and invoke the Epson £45 swap out offer.

Mean while you may be intersted in the getaround re those messy ink pads
Take a look at this

click here

You may have to join if not already a member

  pj123 15:45 01 Jun 2006

jack, already tried the "getaround" in your link on my R200 printer. Got the tube out of the back but couldn't get the printer to switch on anyway.

Thought I would try that as the first thing to do on my new R220 but I can't see the tube at the back.

I have spoken to Epson Technical Support this afternoon but all they said was they would log my call and give me a number. But I have 28 days to return it to the Vendor. The Vendor says if I return it to him he would just return it to Epson. Fortunately, I still have an Epson 895 which is working perfectly. Funny thing was the Epson support guy told me the supplied cartridges with new printers didn't have very much ink in them anyway and they weren't very good. My best bet would be to run these cartridges out and put a new set in. I have plenty of ink cartridges for this printer (same as the R200) from Choice Stationery. Will see what happens within the next week or so.

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